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Draft for info page in the website.

  • June
    • 15: reconfirmation deadline. If you don't reconfirm, you lose sponsored food and accomodation!!
      • Please, if you reconfirm and later decide not to come, tell us in advance. Next year people who fail to do this will be penalised.
    • 30: paper submission deadline. If you don't send your paper in time, your talk will NOT be included in the proceedings.
  • July
  • August
    • 2: Setup
    • 3: First day of DebCamp
      • First day for sponsored food+room (only for people with a work plan for DebCamp)
    • 9: Last day of DebCamp (and arrival day for DebConf)
      • First day for sponsored food+room for people attending DebConf
    • 10: First day of DebConf talks
    • 13: Day trip
    • 14: Conference dinner
    • 16: Last day of DebConf talks
      • Last day of sponsored food+room. You should leave the 17 in the morning!
    • 17: Cleanup, leave
    • 18: DebianDay (in Buenos Aires)
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