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This page is for organising groups to travel together from the international airport in Buenos Aires (EZE) to/from the conference site in Mar del Plata.

The bus goes to central Mar del Plata, but you may wish to take taxis from there to the conference hotel, especially if you arrive late at night.

Buses normally leave at: 02:30, 05:30, 10:00, 12:30, 14:30, 21:30. But the bus company might arrange a special extra bus if enough people gathers at a certain time. The page for the buses is:


[edit] Buenos Aires-Mar del Plata, 2008-07-31

amaya, h0lger: landing in EZE from MADRID on the 30th at 19:40pm, flight IB6845 from MAD
Going to MDQ on the 31st (hopefully we can join the local team in their travel plans)

[edit] EZE-Mar del Plata, 2008-08-01

edrz: arriving at 09:20 on United 847
Aurélio A. Heckert <aurium(a)> (arriving at 13:40 on GOL's flight 7452)

[edit] EZE-Mar del Plata, 2008-08-02

daniel ( (arriving at 07:45 with DL 0101)
Frédéric Lehobey <> (arriving at 07:45 with AF 418)
Yuri Vasilevski <> (arriving at 08:55 on AA 943)
Nicolas François (nekral) <> (arriving at 11:50 on JJ8000)
Valessio "valessio" Brito ( (arriving at 13:40 on GOL's flight 7452)
Gustavo "kov" Noronha ( (arriving at 15:25 on GOL's flight 7470)
Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw) <> (arriving at 15:25 on GOL's flight 7470).
Jan "shoragan" Lübbe (i arrive at 19:05 on LH510)
Philip Hands (fil) <> (arriving at 19:45 on IBERIA 6845)
Neil Williams (codehelp) <> (arriving at 19:45 on IBERIA 6845)
Antonio Terceiro (terceiro) <terceiro at> (arriving at 20:50)

[edit] EZE-Mar del Plata, 2008-08-03

21:30: pkern, nomeata, gregoa, pabs, dondelelcaro, djpig (ana: i'll be around in the airport, but i'm going to BA for some days)

[edit] EZE-Mar del Plata, 2008-08-04

10:00: Rhonda (Gerfried Fuchs) - would wait for later bus if people are joining
10:00: paravoid (Faidon Liambotis)

[edit] Buenos Aires (not! EZE)-Mar del Plata, 2008-08-05

18:30: Michael Bramer, Noel Köthe, Andreas Tille, Christoph Berg (also the previous bus possible if others join)

[edit] EZE-Mar del Plata, 2008-08-06

12:30: gismo (AKA Luca Capello, feel free to mail gismo@d.o!)
12:30: lucas
12:30: zack

[edit] Buenos Aires (not! EZE)-Mar del Plata, 2008-08-06

XX:XX: ana (time to be decided)

[edit] EZE-Mar del Plata, 2008-08-07

10:00: atomo64
21:30: kroeckx

[edit] EZE-Mar del Plata, 2008-08-08

12:30: bubulle (aka Christian Perrier, UX041), jacobo, Noodles, jurij (BA0247)
21:30: Sledge, Maulkin, Syntaxis (all arriving 20:05)
21:30: Muammar, Claudia (We're not sure about the time, but it is the most likely one)
21:30: dancerj (arriving 14:25)

[edit] EZE-Mar del Plata, 2008-08-09

02:30 Juan Angulo Moreno (apostols)
10:00, ev. 12:30 - cate (will arrive at 7:45)
10:00 or 12:30 - paulproteus (will already have been in BA for a week)
12:30 schultmc
12:30 jamessan
13:40 krishna - would wait for later bus if more attendees are ariving the same day
13:40 Henrique Holschuh (hmh) - GOL flight G3 7452
14:30 José Augusto (gutocarvalho) arriving in TAM flight number JJ 8008
14:30 Eric Evans (eevans) and Michael Shuler (arrive 9:20 on IAH->EZE flight)
15:00 lucianafujii - would wait for later bus if more attendees are ariving the same day
15:25 Ana Carolina Comandulli - arriving in GOL's flight number 7470
21:30 bureado and ailefi - would leave earlier if more people gather (we arrive at 1835)
21:30 Clint - would like to leave earlier (should arrive at 1600)
21:30 Matthias and Torsten (arriving at 19:40)
21:30 Flo and Rob (arriving at 19:40)
21:30 Victor Oñate - I  Will be in EZE Airport at 18:55
21:30 Juan Maldonado - Argentina at 18:55

[edit] Buenos Aires (not! EZE)-Mar del Plata, 2008-08-09

12:20 rmayorga - I'm still not sure about this time, it can be moved if there is any other people leaving from Buenos Aires
12:20 neozerosv - Can be moved 
??:?? moray
??:?? Ralf Treinen
10:00 dydier - I'll arrive at the bus station, I'm not sure about this time, so, it can
be moved to take the bus if there is any other people.

[edit] EZE-Mar del Plata, 2008-08-10

3:55: David Calderón arrive at 3:55 + 1 a.m.
10:00: Steve Langasek
11:30: Fernando Ike arriving in TAM flight number JJ8000 at 11:30 + 1 a.m
17:50: Jeroen van Wolffelaar, with AA0900 from Montevideo, planning to take the next bus (of 21:30) -- at Mar del Plata 3:20 in the night.

[edit] EZE-Mar del Plata, 2008-08-11

14:30 Manoj Srivastava and Judy Shardo (arrive at 09:30 -- no room on the 12:30 bus)

[edit] Mar del Plata-EZE, 2008-08-16

07:00: dancerj, aki (flight at EZE at 16:30)
07:00: faw (flight from EZE is at 15h 30min, so need to be at EZE 13h 30min).
07:00: Nicolas François (nekral) meeting in Buenos Aires in the afternoon (no flight)
12:00: atomo64 (flight at 22:25), Myon (flight at 21:45)
lucianafujii - anytime, preferably at the end of debconf schedule.
kov - same as lucianafujii

[edit] Mar del Plata-Buenos Aires (NOT EZE), 2008-08-16

07:00: sledge, moray (then to airport -- MTL bus was full)
late night (23:00 or so): hmh, roseli - overnight bus to Buenos Aires, to arrive in daylight

[edit] Mar del Plata-EZE, 2008-08-17

04:00: jurij (to catch BA0246)
07:00: Frédéric Lehobey <> (to be at EZE at 14:00, flight AF 415 at 17:05)
07:00  ian_brasil (to be at EZE for flight TAM 8009 at 15:40)
07:00  Fernado Ike (also to be at EZE for flight TAM 8009 at 15:40)
10:00: paulproteus, dondelelcaro
10:00: Manoj, Judy (This time is not listed on the bus lines, so we can wait until 12:00 -- if not, perhaps we can spend some time in BA)
12:00: Maulkin, Syntaxis, jamessan, schultmc, Noodles
12:00: Eric Evans ( - departing EZE: Continental 52 @21:50 (have not reserved bus, yet)
12:00: Michael Shuler ( - departing EZE: Continental 52 @21:50 (have not reserved bus, yet)
17:00: David Calderón
20:30: daniel (however, i don't mind going in the morning/afternoon already)
20:30: amaya, h0lger (after clean-up is finished with)
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