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DebConf8 will be in August. Which weeks of August is yet to be decided. These are the facts to take into account and the possible weeks with their advantages and disadvantages.


[edit] Facts

  • Monday 18th is a national holiday. This means that more outside people will go to our hotel (we don't know how many). It also would be easier to go for DebianDay attendants, if we do DebianDay on the previous Sunday.
  • the closest to September we do it, the nicer weather we'll get.
  • a Regional Conf (JRSL) will be held in Buenos Aires, the week after DebConf (regardless of the dates), like DC4 and FISL.
  • We still need to check which worldwide conferences are planned for August 2008.

[edit] First & Second weeks

DebCamp from Sat 2nd till Sat 9th. // DebConf from Sun 10th till Sat 16th

In this case, the holiday would be at the end of DebConf. The last weekend of DebConf would experience the arrival of external people, but this would be just as we are leaving.

A possibility in this case would be to hold DebianDay directly in Buenos Aires, on the 19th (i.e. so that DDs use the Sunday 18th to pack their things, travel to BA, unpack their things, enjoy the city, and are ready to participate on DebianDay the next day)

For most Northern Hemisphere countries, vacations are usually in July-August - The earlier two weeks might be logistically easier for attendees

Most probably this is the worst case weather-wise. Although we can still hope for some sunny days.

[edit] Second & Third weeks

DebCamp from Sat 9th till Sat 16th. // DebConf from Sun 17th till Sat 23th

In this case, the holiday would be right in the middle. The weekend between DebCamp and DebConf will experience the arrival of external people. This means that they will have to be dealing with the arrival of most DebConf attendees at the same time that they are dealing with the external people, which might lead to some things done not-so-good.

In this case, it would make sense to hold DebianDay on Sunday 18th, so that we can encourage people from other cities to travel to Mar del Plata for the long weekend, and be at DebianDay on Sunday. We can still hold it on Saturday, since it is possible for someone from Buenos Aires to travel during Friday night and be there for the Saturday event.

[edit] Third & Fourth weeks

DebCamp from Sat 16th till Sat 23th. // DebConf from Sun 24th till Sat 30th

In this case, the holiday would be at the beginning. The external people would be there just as the first DebCamp attendees are around.

In this case, there's no special preference as to when to hold DebianDay. It could be in the middle of the two weeks, or it could be after DebConf, during the JRSL.

In this case we would probably get nicer weather. More sunny days, less rain expected. It would still be winter, so nothing is really certain.

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