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[edit] When?

August 11, 23:00

[edit] Where?


[edit] Why?

Cheese is Good For You. Wine also helps.

[edit] Questions?

Write to Christian Perrier <>.

[edit] What will you bring?

Please add your entry in alphabetical order. Please choose one, two, or exceptionnally three, representative cheese from your place (list of cheeses. It is recommended to target pieces that can be cut in about 10/20 slices/portions/whatever each.

  • Argentina
    • dario101: malbec and syrah wines
    • gonz0: some sheep cheese
    • maddog: some white wine from some South American country...probably Argentina
  • Austria
    • gregoa: Kaiser Max and Tiroler Felsenkellerkäse
  • Bolivia
    • dydier: a bottle of "Singani" San Pedro.
  • Brazil
    • Caroll: Wine from Rio Grande do Sul
    • Valessio: 1500ml of "Cachaça da Boa" from Bahia and Candy Milk
  • France
    • nekral: Calvados and sweets from south of France
    • bubulle: about 2.5kg of various cheese, 4.5l of French wine, Argentinian blue cheese, 2 bottles of Argentinian Cabernet
  • Germany
    • Andreas: Saale-Unstrut Riesling; forgot cheese in the fridge home - but some chocolates from Germany
  • Italy
  • Mexico
    • Jesus: 1 bottle of Tequila.
    • Viviana, Alejandro: 1 bottle of Mezcal.
  • Spain
    • ana: Some queso curado manchego.
    • Carmen, Anto and Cek: 2 Tortas del Casar de Cáceres and 3 bottles of wine from Extremadura
  • Venezuela
    • gerardo, vanessa, juan: 1 bottle of Ron añejo Cacique
  • El Salvador
    • tatotat: trenzuda (hard alcohol)
    • gato: Cheese (queso duro blandito)
  • USA
    • vorlon: brick of aged white cheddar cheese, and a bottle of pinot noir, from Oregon

[edit] Accessories

Please add your name here if you volunteer to bring/buy some of these.

  • Dishes: provided by the hotel
  • Knives: provided by the hotel
  • Glasses: we have 120 plastic glasses
  • Bread: done

[edit] Location

The Wine and Cheese party will be held in the 1st floor hacklab, close to the bar. Sorry for Mao players.

[edit] Orga Team

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