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[edit] Debconf Assassins

Get ready for round three!

Like in the past years, Debconf Assassins will take place during Debconf8 in Mar Del Plata. It's a fun game, the rules are simple and shall be explained shortly.

Make sure to sign up via the conference management system now if you want to play.

The game starts on Sunday noon local time (Mar Del Plata) (If you come later, don't worry. Late-comers are added into the game whenever someone dies.)

The game will end on Saturday 18:00 local time (Mar Del Plata) and the winner will be nominated at 19:00 local time

[edit] Rules

We are playing with similar rules as in the last years.

Everyone gets a target person randomly picked from the list of people playing the game. Be sure not to tell anyone who your target is. Your task is to assassinate your victim by touching him/her with a (clean) sock on the upper body. The sock must be in your hands at time of contact. Also, please refrain from any violence.

When you assassinate your target, login to the Assassins interface and tell it that you have done so. Your target has to confirm this, and after that happened you get a new target assigned. Should this not happen within 2 hours or should your target outright refuse to confirm the kill, please contact the Admins running this game, reachable at (or just talk to Ganneff/Mhy/Sgran).

If you get killed, DO NOT TELL ANYONE YOUR TARGET. Keep it SECRET. But login to the Assassins interface as soon as you can and confirm the kill!

At the end of the game, the winner will be determined by the largest number of kills.

Now here are the rules:

  • You must touch/brush/pet/whack your target with a (clean) sock on the upper body. The sock has to be in your hands at the moment of contact.
  • No other participant of the game (dead or alive) may witness this act. If someone does and announces it (or confirms the victim's claim), your mission failed. You must wait 24 hours before you can retry (but now your target knows whom to watch out for). The other rules still apply as before, meaning you still have to catch your target alone after those 24 hours. So you better be careful.
  • You are not allowed to "attack" in the person's own room or house.
  • Bathrooms are off-limits.
  • Never talk about the game to anyone while it's going on. Well, that's a guideline, not a rule. There is more tension if no-one knows who to look out for or what's happening.

[edit] Comments or questions?

[edit] Hints

In case it doesn't like to save things for you - make sure you are in dc8 conference set, not dc7 (or any other conference in the future). (This game could run for more than one conference).

Also, make sure you dont reload the "have_patience" page.

[edit] New ideas for rules, weapons etc.

[edit] Stories

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