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[edit] Visa information

[edit] Customs rules

[edit] Travel information

[edit] Trenes / Trains

BUE: Buenos Aires

MDQ: Mar del Plata

[edit] Horarios/Schedule BUE->MDQ

Horario Dias de Servicio Categoria Duración
salida llegada
06:50 12:30 Lunes a Domingos Unica-Pullman 05:40
08:40 13:51 Lunes a Domingos Super-Pullman 05:10
11:35 17:39 Lunes a Domngos Unica 06:04
18:30 23:42 Lunes a Viernes Pullman-Expreso 05:12
23:30 05:05 Lunes a Domingos Unica 05:35

[edit] Horarios/Schedule MDQ->BUE

Horario Dias de Servicio Categoria Duración
salida llegada
07:15 12:40 Lun a Vie Pullman-Expreso 05:25
11:50 18:30 Lunes a Domingos Unica 06:40
18:10 23:55 Lunes a Domngos Unica-Pullman 05:45
23:10 04:39 Lunes a Domingos Super Pullman 05:29
23:45 05:17 Lunes a Domingos Unica 05:32

[edit] Pasajes / Fares

Servicio Costos
Clase Unica U$S 9.30
Pull-man U$S 13.00
Expreso $U$S 16.60 (*)
Super Pull-man $ U$S48.30 (*)


[edit] Bus

Servicio Cantidad de Hs Costos
Semi cama 5.30 hs, U$S 15. (*)
Servicio Ejecutivo 5.30 hs U$S 17. (*) (**)
Servicio Premiu 5,30 hs U$S 19.3. (reclinable 180 grados)(*) (**)

(*) Salidas durante todo el dia, y existen varias empresas que brindan el servicio.


[edit] Air

You can find a lot of information about Argentina's Airports (and flights) at AeropuertosArgentina.

[edit] Domestic Flights


  • Buenos Aires Domestic airport is Aeroparque (AEP).
  • Mar del Plata's airport (MDQ)

Domestic companies :

  • Sol Líneas Aéreas SOL, low cost company (homepage ; wikipedia) (~515pesos ~115EUR for AEP-MDQ-AEP).
  • Aerolíneas Argentinas (homepage ; wikipedia) (~139EUR for AEP-MDQ-AEP).
  • Andes
  • Austral
  • Lade
  • Lan Argentina

[edit] Whole world

Mar del Plata's airport (MDQ) doesn't seems to be an International airport, which means you'll have land at Buenos Aires airport : Ministro _Pistarini_ International Airport, EZE (Ezeiza is near Buenos Aires).

You can then travel from Buenos Aires to Mar del Plata by Train, (Bus ?), or plane (see Domestic flights above).

An overview of the companies going to EZE can be fount on wikipedia page.

There are many flight search engines, is for example good service.

[edit] Europe

  • Some people don't recommend going through Madrid because of frequent and long delay during transit (which means you might want to avoid the companies Iberia, Air Europa and Aerolíneas Argentinas) YMMV
  • Varig is supposed to have fairly good rates, usually.
  • Lufthansa has a direct flight from their Frankfurt hub to EZE; at Lufthansa prices, though.

[edit] France

  • Varig is supposed to have fairly good rates, usually.
  • Air France is have some direct flights PAR-BUE (~13hours), and fairly good price if you reserve in advance (it might already be too late).
  • Alitalia via Rome might be a good option
  • British Airways will get you to transit in London, that trip is likely to be much longer.
  • Conseils aux voyageurs (Ministère des Affaires étrangères) (go) : ...Le voyageur de nationalité française doit présenter un passeport en cours de validité à son arrivée sur le territoire argentin pour y séjourner moins de 3 mois...

[edit] Middle East

[edit] Africa

[edit] Asia

[edit] Oceania

[edit] South America

[edit] Central America

[edit] North America

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[edit] Health

Health recommendation from various countries / Agencies :

[edit] France

The health service of the Foreign Office recommends vaccinated against tetanus, diphtheria, poliomyélite (DT-Polio) and hepatitis A. Hepatitis B and Yellow fever vaccine are recommended in some specific case... :

And the Institut Pasteur's Information/Recommendations :

[edit] Germany

The health service of the Foreign Office recommends a vaccinated against tetanus, diphtheria and hepatitis A, long-term stay of 4 weeks or special exposure also hepatitis B, rabies and typhoid. :

[edit] United States

CDC's Health Information for Travelers to Argentina :

[edit] Austria

Recommendations of the Austrian Ministry for European and Foreign Affairs:

  • Basic protection: diptheria, tetanus, polio, Hepatitis A+B, typhoid
  • For longer stays: rabies
  • For rural areas between October and May: malaria
  • Province Misiones (with Iguazu): yellow fever

[edit] Scotland

The Scottish NHS recommends:

  • Confirm primary courses and boosters are up to date as recommended for life in Britain
  • Courses or boosters usually advised: tetanus; hepatitis A.
  • Vaccines sometimes advised: diphtheria; typhoid; hepatitis B; rabies; tuberculosis, yellow fever.

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