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[edit] Post-processing

These sessions have incomplete files or no files at all; the missing parts should be grabbed from tape if possible:

Event id Event name Video format Tapes Tape holder Comment
001 Céilidh HDV 1 h01ger Grabbed in DV format; will need a lot of editing
007 SPI: Software in the Public Interest, Inc. PAL 1 h01ger No sound; mic was probably switched off
011 Wacky ideas PAL 2 h01ger Grabbed and stitched
016 OpenStreetMap PAL 1 h01ger Grabbed, dubbed and stitched
021 Dependency based boot sequence ? 1 h01ger Grabbed and stitched
023 Debtags is ready PAL 1 h01ger Only audio is needed from tape. It looks like the audio cuts in at just the right starting pointing, so may not need stitching.
027 Losing the elderly PAL 1 h01ger No sound; mic was probably switched off
031 Debian - The Universal Operating System? PAL 1 h01ger Grabbed and stitched
033 Leading a Free Software project PAL 1 h01ger Grabbed
041 freedom beyond software ? 1 h01ger
042 Debian travels around the world PAL 1 h01ger Grabbed and stitched
044 Method diffusion in large volunteer projects PAL 1 h01ger Grabbed and stitched
045 netconf PAL 1 h01ger Only audio is needed from tape.
051 Maintaining Packages With Git PAL 1 h01ger Grabbed
056 Debian Installer - an update ? 1 h01ger Grabbed
074 The secure Debian Desktop ? 1 h01ger Grabbed
083 Data Mining Popcon ? 1 h01ger Grabbed
112 Getting our LDAP story together BoF NTSC - -
140 From Concept to Concrete PAL 1 Womble2 Tape only covers second half.
141 How to include CDDs in lenny PAL 1 Womble2 Audio is missing at the beginning. The tape is no better, as the mic was off.
149 Debian and meteorology NTSC - -
179 i18n work session 7/8. "tdebs", dpkg/apt, classes of files PAL - -
181 Wacky Ideas II ? 1 h01ger Grabbed
182 Time for a better init system NTSC 1 Womble2->edrz Grabbed
208 sure, netconf, nice, but how can I...? ? 1 h01ger
209 lintian BOF ? 1 h01ger Grabbed

These sessions were not recorded at all, so far as we know:

Event id Event name
009 the future of ddtp
026 Qt/KDE Maintainers Team Meeting
034 A LaTeX beamer theme for Debian
057 Debian Installer development for Lenny BoF
061 FAI workshop
082 Debian Documentation Project: current status and future
092 Trusted Computer Project
094 Debian in Venezuela, International Projects and Debian User Groups.
106 Emdebian BOF
129 how can we best support different init schemes?
142 Arm port BOF
148 libept BOF
158 simple-cdd demonstration
173 i18n work session 2/8. Lenny i18n release goals
175 i18n work session 4/8. DDTP, DDTSS, discussion about DDTP import to Pootle
176 i18n work session 5/8. translation licensing, website, documentation
178 i18n work session 6/8. No content yet..:-)
180 i18n work session 8/8. Conclusion session
211 debmarshal

[edit] todo

  1. cleanup this page and do the work mentioned here
    1. cleanup the above list
  2. fix room howto sheets to prepare for debconf8
    1. camera 1 operator should always check sound with earphones at the start of the sesssion.
      1. We must make sure there are earphones everywhere.
    2. no dc7logo in upper bof - ntsc camera
  3. fix camera sheets
    1. edrz, your camera seems to reset itself when used with a tape, but not without. but as its ntsc, we cannot put it into a talk room. confirmed, the tape mechanism appears to be broken. pulling out a cassette from it last night the tape could be seen stuck in the rollers. we'll have to use it without tape, just writing to disk unless we have a replacement. -edrz
  1. check remarks from the mailinglist (via
    1. the following video is very short:
    2. now that we have the tape on disc, fix audio in

  1. h01ger
    1. upload fixed ffmpeg2theora package to cmburns, #429937
    2. document howto dvgrab in the wiki start with one
      1. on barney: nc -l -p 4322 > /video/dv/2007-05-17/Upper\ BoF\ Room/11:30:00.dv
      2. on grabber: dvgrab - | nc barney 4322
      3. henning, daven, Q, toresbe, tiago, tassi, larstiQ, h01ger, edrz, des, p2-mate, ralph, haggai (chris halls), noel, grisu, bluepup, pixie
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