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[edit] Crew Required

[edit] Ideal

  • 1 Producer/Director (operates DVswitch; directs sound op/camerapeople)
  • 2 Camera Operators (self explanatory)
  • 2 Boom Mic Operators (depending on if we can get booms)
  • 1 Sound Desk Operator (operates PA and recording mixes; preferably someone experienced)
  • 1 Floor Manager (Responsible for organising microphones, timing, etc. Useful to have on talkback. Need not necessarily videoteam; theatre experience preferable)


[edit] Minimum (should really really be avoided)

  • 1 Producer/Director/Sound Desk Operator
  • 2 Camera Operators


[edit] Gear Allocated

Wham bam thank you, ma’am, my questions are awnseerd!

[edit] Camera 1

Camera 1 will be the main camera. It will be the most used shot, and will track a closeup of the presenter, or widen up if the director requires.

  • Camera: Sony HDR-FX1-E
  • Tripod: Manfrotto 525MVB
  • Laptop: ???
  • CAT5 length: ???

[edit] Camera 2

This is the audience reaction camera, it is used to take wide shots of the audience's reactions to jokes, and can be used for closeups for individuals' questions.

  • Camera: Panasonic NV-DS28
  • Tripod: ???
  • Laptop: ???
  • CAT5 length: ???

hermanr says: That camera throws fits over certain tapes

  • hermanr has found no pattern to it, but tapes are best avoided for that cam.

[edit] Camera 3

This camera will be on the balcony, it is unmanned.

  • Camera: Sony DCR-PC10E
  • Tripod: ???
  • Laptop: ???
  • CAT5 length: ???

[edit] Camera 4/Slide Grabber

Self explanatory. Unmanned.

  • Camera/Video Grabbing gear: ???
  • Tripod (if necessary): ???
  • Laptop: ???
  • CAT5 length: ???

[edit] Sound Gear

  • DDX 3216 Digital Desk

[edit] Diagram


[edit] Unmet requirements

[edit] Schedule

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