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[edit] Assignments

  • We need boom mic operators (Two in Talk Room 1, and one in Talk room 2), could be picked during DebCamp or so.
  • Talk Room 1 has two manned cameras and two unmanned cameras. Two need to be manning the manned cameras at all times, roullet between the five people assigned.
  • Talk Room 2 has one manned camera and one unmanned camera. Switch manning between the three assigned camera operators for Talk Room 2.

Teams will be assigned rooms like this to avoid confusion about who goes where. Though certain people might be switching rooms depending on assignment. (Holger and Tore)

[edit] Schedules

Schedules are now coordinated at

[edit] Special Team


  • we need 2-3 reviewers each day

Backup/Archival (Making sure all cameras have tapes, grabbing and streaming)

  • Ben
  • Eric
  • Annabelle
  • Holger
  • Tore

PS: Make sure tapes are clearly marked so the person running around with this knows if the tape has already been changed

Unmanned Cameras

  • Vilde (will not attend - we need to find someone else) and Tore will be responsible for all unmanned cameras in Talk Room 1 and 2. Just make sure they are running and with blank tapes.
  • Vilde (will not attend - we need to find someone else) and Tore will be responsible for the boom microphones in Talk Room 1 and Talk Room 2.

[edit] Talk Room 1 & Team 1

Camera Operators

  • Holger
  • Ben
  • Annabelle
  • Andrew
  • Amaya? (backup)
  • Tore? (backup)
  • Damian Viano
  • Kurt Roeckx

Sound Booth

  • Dave
  • Neil
  • Benjamin Seidenberg (?)

Floor Manager

  • Nattie


  • Ben
  • Annabelle
  • Tore (16th and 17th)
  • Dave (Alternatively on the 16th and 17th incase Ben or Tore can't)

Balcony and Slide Camera

  • Assigned special team

[edit] Talk Room 2 & Team 2

Camera Operators

  • Henning
  • Tore
  • damog
  • Gunnar Wolf
  • Ralph Amissah
  • Martin Ferrari
  • Patrick Bueker


  • Peter (p2)
  • Kevc


  • Holger
  • Eric Dantan

Slides camera (Unmanned)

  • Assigned special team

[edit] BoF Coverage

  • Whoever we can find free

[edit] Job Descriptions

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