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Only review after recording has ended for the day. If many people read from the video store at once, this may interrupt recording.

1. Connect to the wired network.

2. NFS-mount the video files from barney:

  mkdir -p /video && mount -o ro barney:/video /video

3. Go to the Pentabarf review page and Claim an available recording.

4. Open the file in Kino to watch it.

There is a bug in the Gtk file selector that can result in selecting a different file if you use Control-L and then Return. Click the Open button instead of pressing Return.

If Kino crashes after you open a new file, restart it and try again. We believe this is a bug in switching between "PAL" (25 fps 576 line) and "NTSC" (29.97 fps 480 line) video. Eric's camera now in use in the Upper BoF Room uses "NTSC"; the rest use "PAL".

5. Identify which event is in the recording. Click on Associate in the browser. Pentabarf will list all the events, and it should list the correct one first but this doesn't currently work. Click on "link event to recording" next to the correct event. If there is no event in the recording, instead click Delete and go to 3.

6. Find the start and the end times of the event in the recording. Kino allows you to quickly search through the recording using fast-forward or the horizontal scroll-bar. While you are doing this, also assess the sound and video quality.

7. Fill in the event details in Pentabarf. For times, use the format "hh:mm:ss" (e.g. "00:05:23"). Also check the base name for the published files and change it if it is too long or misspelt.

8. Go to 3.

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