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[edit] moray cam

Model Owner
Sony DCR-TRV9E Moray Allen


Video format PAL
Mic input Yes, front right below lens.


Play/record/off Rotate the power dial up for Play, down for Record/Standby while depressing the small green button. Transport controls light up on top ri

ght when in play mode.

Record/pause Press the Red button in center of dial to toggle record/standby.
Zoom Rocker on top right.
Manual focus Left side top, rear switch.
Manual exposure Left side, rear, EXPOSURE button. use CONTROL dial to adjust.
Manual volume +/- buttons on the left side of the LCD pannel
Eject Lever on right side near the front.

The firewire cable is a bit loose on the camera, if you have no signal/picture on the computer, try pluging it in again. Then the easiest fix is to kill the xserver "ctrl alt backspace", and run "dc-record-stream" in a shell.

If there is no tape used in the camera, the camera sometimes freezes. Just powercycle the camera and use a tape!

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