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[edit] hermanr cam

Model Owner
Sony HDR-FX1E Herman Robak


Video format HDV (50Hz 1080i) / PAL (record/playback) / NTSC (playback only)
Mic input At front right, under a plastic lid.


Play/record/off VCR (play), cam (record) and off switch encircling the record button. Swing out the LCD screen behind the microphone to get access to the playback controls.
Record/pause Red button on the handgrip on the right side
Zoom Rocker on top of both handgrips, OR lever on the lens. Switch on the lens chooses between them
Manual focus Focus ring on the lens - or "push to focus" below the autofocus on/off switch. "Peaking" toggle on the back.
Manual exposure Gain switch near the bottom left (left side), metal iris knob below the lens. The shutter speed is chosen with the menu wheel at the lower back. Neutral Density filter lever next to the autofocus switch, only suitable in daylight. "Zebra" pattern toggle on the back.
Colour balance Switch next to the gain switch (bottom, to the left, left side) with three positions: A, B and preset. A and B store manually set whitebalances, preset can be either daylight or indoors (chosen from the menu).
Manual volume A wheel at the back, on the left side, covered by a lid. Level 5 is the maximum when set to Auto.
(Optical) image stabiliser Should be turned off when the camera is mounted on a tripod
Eject On the left side


Beware of the "auto lock" switch at the lower right on the left side! Make sure it is not "locked".
Be aware of the "picture profiles" (chosen from the menu) If you see "P1" in the lower left of the viewfinder, Picture Profile 1 has been chosen, instead of the factory defaults.
You can't have zebra and peaking at the same time. If you use autofocus, you should choose zebra, for exposure.
The camera's native aspect ratio is 16:9. We need 4:3 Make sure that the camera is in 4:3 DV mode (not HDV). If there are gray bars on the side of the image, it is in 4:3 mode. The setting is in the menus.
The camera can't switch between battery and A/C under operation. If the cable is yanked, the camera goes off, even if the battery is fine. And vice versa. Don't insert or pull out the power cable during operation.
The builtin microphone picks up handling noise Use the Røde Videomic
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