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[edit] Womble2 cam

Model Owner
JVC GR-D250EK Ben Hutchings


Video format PAL
Mic input Yes, at front right


Play/record/off Pull viewfinder out or open the screen flap; use slider on right side to select M (record with manual controls) or Play mode
Record/pause Button to right of viewfinder
Zoom Slider on top; this is variable speed despite its appearance
Manual focus Press focus button then - or + to focus nearer or further (all buttons on the left)
Manual exposure Press menu button, select third item, select manual; press - or + to adjust (all buttons on the left)
Manual volume Not available
Eject On bottom

Bugs and workarounds

Automatic gain control doesn't work; picture is much too dark. Remove and/or insert the power cable.
Blue dot appears in middle of the screen. This is visible against a dark background. Camera should only be used for well-lit subjects.
Tripod plate covers eject button. N/A
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