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[edit] BBC Voices handycams

Model Owner
Sony DCR-HC46E BBC Voices


Video format PAL
Mic input No


Play/record/off Rotate the power dial to on while depressing the small green button. Rotate toward MODE to cycle through Tape/Memory/Play. Green LEDs in

dicate current mode.

Record/pause Press start/stop button on back right to begin recording, press it again to pause recording. There is also a start/stop button at bottom left of the touchscreen.
Zoom Rocker on top right. Also pair of buttons W and T below touchscreen.
Manual focus Touch P-MENU, scroll down to page 2/3, FOCUS -> MANUAL, use left and right icons to set focus, touch OK when happy. Small hand icon on lo

wer left indicates manual focus mode.

Manual exposure Touch P-MENU, page 1/3, EXPOSURE, MANUAL, +/- to set exposure level, touch OK when happy. A level meter displays the current setting at b

ottom center.

Manual volume No.
Eject Lever at the top right near the front. Can only be used when cam is out of it's dock station.
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