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This is a page containing a list of equipment what we will actually have available at DebConf7 for sure...

  • daven+kevc need to list their shopping list here
  • holger will buy 3 harddrives from budget
  • holger will buy tapes
  • womble2 will try to bring gigabit switches for the mixer machines


[edit] Video Equipment

[edit] Cameras

Camera System Source Location Transport (required/arranged) Timespan Cost Likely Deployment
Sony HDR-FX1-E 625/50 Herman Robak , cheatsheet Oslo, Norway Yes/Yes 8th to 23rd Free Talk room 1 Camera 1
Sony DCR-PC10E PAL miniDV 625/50 Dave Noble Norwich, UK Yes/Yes 15-24th Free Talk room 1 Camera 2
Panasonic NV-DS28 625/50 Herman Robak Oslo, Norway Yes/Yes  ? Free Talk room 1 Camera 3
JVC GR-D250 PAL miniDV 625/50 Ben Hutchings, cheatsheet Cambridge, UK Yes/Yes 9-24th Free Talk room 1 Camera 4 (in the absence of a slide grabbing device)
Canon MiniDV 625/50 BBC Voices Norwich, UK Yes/Yes 15-24th Free Talk Room 2 Camera 1
Canon MiniDV 625/50 BBC Voices Norwich, UK Yes/Yes 15-24th Free Talk Room 2 Camera 2
Sony miniDV Handycam Vision 625/50 Moray Edinburgh Yes/Yes 12-24th Free

[edit] Tripods

Each session camera needs a tripod.

  1. Manfrotto 525MVB video tripod, large and rugged, with carrying bag (Herman Robak)
  2. Velbon Stratos 460Q tripod, reasonably large and rugged (Ben Hutchings)
  3. gwolf brings a tripod - the one we bought for DC6 - cheapish (Gunnar Wolf)
  4. unknown tripod, daytime only (Kitty)
  5. unknown tripod, daytime only (Gabriella Coleman)
  6. unknown tripod, reasonable (I think) quality, available 16th to 23rd inclusive (Tim Small) - if you would like me to bring this, please let me know prior to the 15th (otherwise I won't), as I am travelling by train from the south coast.
  7. Manfrotto photo tripod. (Thijs Kinkhorst, not attending myself but Jeroen v W will be bringing it. 16-24 June)

[edit] Other

[edit] Cable

Each session camera needs a 6-to-4 firewire cable, preferably at least 1.5 metres long.

  1. (Ben Hutchings)
  2. (Ben Hutchings)
  3. (Ben Hutchings)
  4. (Ben Hutchings)
  5. (Ben Hutchings)
  6. (Ben Hutchings)
  7. (Ben Hutchings)
  8. (Gunnar Wolf)
  9. (Dave Noble)

[edit] Computer Equipment

As we will be shooting using dvswitch (in the main hall; at least); please list /any/ computer equipment you will be able to bring; even if you don't plan on using it all the time. Laptops or other small quiet machines are needed for Firewire capture and tally light control. We have Firewire cards for machines that lack them. Fast machines are needed for live mixing, recording and transcoding. These can all be done on different machines; doing all of them on the same machine will probably require 2 processors/cores. Mixers must have 1000Base-T ports; other systems only need 100Base-TX.

Model Form factor Likely role Hostname (if applicable) Source 'Timespan
dual core2 duo, 4G ram, 6*400G hdd 1u server storage, encoding? barney tk (sponsor)
tk-server 1u server streaming master, inside+outside lisa tk (sponsor)
3x HP DL140 1U server encoding daffy, mickey, donald Ben Hutchings 9-24th
Athlon XP2200+ tower encoding mrwhite Dave Noble 15-24th
SGI Indy desktop talkback korma Dave Noble 15-24th
4x hp & 1black minitower desktop switching, capture itchy, scratchy,patty,selma,hashbaz Phil Hands 9-24th

[edit] Storage

  • three 500gb discs will be bought, to take stuff home
  • Womble will bring a big hd (usb-case)
  • h01ger will bring a big hd in a usb-case and an empty case

[edit] Network

[edit] Audio Equipment

[edit] Mixing Desks

  • Behringer DDX 3216 digital mixing desk. This is being transported up by Sledge. Flying faders. Built in effects, comprehensive routing and surround mixing support. 16 analogue inputs (12 at microphone or line level; 4 at line level); 4 fully flexible outputs (analogue), ADAT I/O can be obtained if needed. Stereo output on analogue and S/PDIF. (Dave Noble)
  • Yamaha MG8/2FX analogue mixer, has EQs on all channels (Kev)
  • Tapco stage mixer MIX50, basic EQs (kev)
  • Digiface and Behringer outboard, suitable as a digital desk although not as user friendly. 8 x balanced XLR I/O, can do 16 if required but I really doubt that for this event (Kev)
  • mhy has a small 4 channel mixer, good for a bof room

[edit] Microphones

  • 2 Sennheiser e835 handheld dynamic wired microphones; no stands; cables. (Dave Noble)
  • 1 GrooveTubes GT-66 tube condenser microphone; with stand. (Dave Noble)
  • Røde Videomic (Herman Robak)
  • Shure condenser (kev)
  • Stagg large diaphram condenser (kev)
  • Shure dynamic instrument mic (kev)

[edit] Cable

  • various xlr cables (kev)
  • various paired instrument cables (kev)
  • 2 30 metre 8 way multicore XLR (if required) (Dave Noble)

[edit] PA

  • Booked (kev)

[edit] Accessories

  • Studio headphones (Beyerdynamic DT100's, Sennheiser HD25's). (Dave Noble)
  • Headphones - 1 x closed sennheiser (kev)
  • Monitor speakers (Dave Noble)
  • Mic stands - 1 large, 1 small (kev)
  • DI Boxes - 2 of (kev)
  • Audio preamp - 1 of (kev)

[edit] kevc and daven's shopping list

[edit] From DM Audio

Gear Quantity Where will it be used? Unit Cost (GBP) (week, will try to haggle down to this) Total Cost (GBP)
Sennheiser EW312 G2 / ME-2 2 One in Talk Room 1, One in Talk Room 2 60 120
Sennheiser EW365 G2 Handheld 3 One in Talk Room 1, One in Talk Room 2, one spare* 60 180
d&b C6 loudspeaker 6 Four in Talk Room 1, Two in Talk Room 2 56 336
QSC PLX 1602 3 Two in Talk Room 1, One in Talk Room 2 24 72

Have called them this morning; they will be getting back to me this afternoon with a quote (hopefully)

[edit] Other Equipment

Gear Source Location Transport (required/arranged) Timespan Cost
Gaffa Tape Somewhere Local 15-27th June
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