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[edit] DebConf7 - Fun in Scotland

Similar as last year with DebConf6 some people plan to travel through the country that hosts our next Conference. If you want - add yourself to the list below.

[edit] Participants

Name Nick email notes
Joerg Jaspert Ganneff Until 8 or 9 July
Annabelle Tully pixie Until 5th of july
Kurt Roeckx Q Until 7th of july
Peter De Schrijver p2-mate
Thomas Lange Mrfai until 29th of june, maybe longer
Jan-Marek Glogowski jmg 22nd => Birmingham => 25th => London => 2nd => Munich
Neil Williams codehelp until 28th June. (3rd visit.) I'll also be in Scotland prior to DebConf7.
Andrew McMillan karora With family. Edinburgh -> 2/7, then Oban / Mull / Skye / Inverness. Leave 11/7.
Martín Ferrari Tincho Only a few days around Scotland and/or England

[edit] Planning

Add info where we could go / what we should see here.

[edit] Speyside

Whisky distillery tour(s).

[edit] Inverness / Loch Ness

[edit] Hiking on Cairngorm

[edit] Fort William and Ben Nevis

[edit] Highlands of Scotland

Some people will probably go on a trip round the Highlands / go hiking etc.

[edit] General Information

[edit] Last year

To see what was done last year: debian:DebConf6Trip

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