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DebConf7/ToDo - after debconf is before debconf (? -- JonDowland)



[edit] accommodation

  • need to book places for people to stay ASAP

[edit] sponsorship

  • find money
  • arrange lots of bandwidth
  • arrange to be lent servers
  • arrange to be lent some desktop machines -- maybe for video team, also as public terminals
  • optionally arrange to be lent some laptops for attendees to use

[edit] visas

  • provide more information to attendees who need visas on what to do
  • provide sponsor letters to attendees we know

[edit] talks

[edit] networking/Internet

  • arrange with sponsor ISP(s)
  • arrange with Teviot for internet connection(s) to be installed and tested before DebConf
  • plan network infrastructure for building, discuss practicalities with Teviot

[edit] travel

  • work out when people should book for the best prices, and encourage them to do so
  • try to find best/reasonable costs (maybe from attendees themselves), as guidelines for travel sponsorship amounts

[edit] food

  • discuss further with Teviot catering people: prices, vegan options
  • see if we can get Teviot to accept non-money food vouchers
  • give estimates of numbers eating (per meal) per day to Teviot
  • tell them if we don't want lunch on the day trip day

[edit] theme

[edit] information

  • keep website updated with any new information
  • provide more detailed information on getting to Teviot from the airport, including photographs


[edit] A/V

  • need to arrange projectors, screens, for main talk rooms and a discussion room
  • whiteboards/flipcharts? (useful, but might not be visible in main talk rooms, maybe better to use software)
  • what do the video team want?

[edit] t-shirts

  • theme (see above)
  • cost for print runs?
  • print in sizes requested by attendees, plus some additional

[edit] todo after DebConf and after cleaning the local venue

  • thank volunteers
  • thank sponsors, send a sponsorpack to them
  • decide what to do with physical leftovers from DebConf
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