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nochicac PROVISIONAL times: Saturday 9th June -> Sunday 24th June

  • 9th : Setup
  • 10th -> 15th: Debcamp
  • 16th : Debian Day (arrivals for debconf)
  • 17th -> 23rd: Debconf
  • 24th : Leave and teardown

25th-29 June the debating hall (where we'll hold talks) is being used for grad photos. Teviot have confirmed that no parallel booking with this is possible. (Previously we thought that we could possibly run DebCamp while this was going on, but people would really have to behave)

July is entirely unavailable. A theatre company have it booked from 7 July onwards (i.e., the last three weeks and first weekend of July) to setup prior to the Fringe in August. Teviot have stated that the remaining days from that first week (1-6) are unavailable due to further fringe preparation.

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