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This page lists teams working on different aspects of DebConf7.

The best way to get involved is to watch what's going on and just help where you can: join the mailing list via and, if you are in Edinburgh/the UK also join -- if you use IRC, watch #debconf-team on OFTC.

If you want to join a team, contact the existing members; please don't add yourself here unless you're already a member.

Unless otherwise specified, use #debconf-team on OFTC and to contact team members.

Please dont list stuff here thats not a team but an event happening at DebConf7, like Keysigning Party, Formal Dinner, Meetings of Teams, ...


[edit] Overall Coordination

  • members: Ganneff, h01ger, moray

[edit] Treasury

  • members: sledge, Maulkin, fil, maxx
  • purpose: maintain the budget, approve all expenses, track all sponsorship

[edit] IT

[edit] Admin

  • members: Ganneff, cpt_nemo, gwolf, h01ger

[edit] List admin

  • members: Ganneff, alphascorpii

[edit] Web

  • members: Maulkin, tincho
  • list:

[edit] Pre-DebConf

[edit] Accommodation finding

  • members: Maulkin, Jon, InfraRed, Pete
  • arrange hostels/other accommodation, find paid-for options, liaise with hostels up to conference
  • mail to accomodations@ goes to Jon and subhi (and archive)

[edit] DebConf sponsorship

  • members: sledge, Maulkin, fil, Hydroxide, fabbe, avdwoude, h10ger, faw
  • irc: #debconf-sponsors on OFTC
  • list:
  • purpose: get money/services/borrow equipment from sponsors

[edit] Talks committee

  • members: bdale, vorlon, enrico, mhy, Ganneff

[edit] Travel assistance

  • members: aj, amaya, asciigirl, dancer, faw, Ganneff, h01ger, gwolf, marga, maxx, Maulkin, moray, Sledge
  • purpose: allocate the available money for travel assistance

[edit] Press

  • members: nattie, harmoney, aba, bureado, moray, kevc, madduck
  • purpose: communicate with global and local media

[edit] Teviot liaison

  • members: Jon, kevc, moray

[edit] Visa process assistance

  • members: moray, sapphire

[edit] During DebConf

[edit] Conference volunteers

  • members: broonie, dougie, harmoney, fil, Jon, kevc, mhy, Maulkin, moray, psn, sapphire, sgran, squinney, skx, sladen, madduck, karora ... (add yourself here if you will help during the conference)
  • irc: #debconf-edinburgh on OFTC
  • list:
  • purpose: make sure the conference goes smoothly - setup, registration, stewarding, cleanup, etc.

[edit] Site IT Infrastructure (conference networking etc.)

  • members: mhy, sgran, ganneff, h01ger, luciano, madduck
  • list:
  • purpose: make sure people have the network facilities they need during the conference, including e.g. local mirrors/servers

[edit] Accommodation allocation

  • members: aj, Maulkin, jon (marga may help)
  • purpose: allocate the available subsidised accommodation, help people find paid-for accommodation as needed

[edit] Video

  • members: h01ger, Womble2, daven, karora
  • irc: #debconf video on OFTC
  • list:
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