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[edit] Sponsoring details

(extracted from this message)

The process of determining who gets sponsored is like this:

  • All applications are looked at by a team of nine people.
  • Each member of the team decides whether the applicant should get sponsored (yes, no, maybe, pass). This results in some score being attached to the application.
  • All scores are added up and the applications are sorted.
  • The money is given top-down the list until the amount dedicated for attendee sponsoring is used up.

[edit] Criteria for scoring the applications

In no particular order:

  • How do the travel costs compare to those given by other applicants from the same area.
  • The work already done for debian and outside.
  • The work that has been/will be done for debconf (talks, organisation, volunteering, etc).

Of course this list can't be complete. Each member of the sponsorship team applies his/her own criteria.

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