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Budget airlines are marked in bold in the lists below.


[edit] Sarajevo

[edit] Train

Interrailnet has a good map of the Bosnian rail network.

From/To Hungary

A train leaves Budapest (Deli pu. station) daily at 17.40, arriving in Sarajevo at 06.25. The return ticket costs 11,600 forint + 750 forint compulsory reservation. Note that this is cheaper than a single ticket. There is no sleeper carriage, but the reclining seats are comfortable. You will be bothered four times for your passport, and around four times for your ticket.

The return train departs at 20.20 every evening for Budapest, via Osijek, in Croatia. It arrives at Deli pu. station at 09.03.

From/To Croatia

A train leaves Zagreb daily at 08:57, arriving in Sarajevo at 18:24. The return train to Zagreb, via Zenica, Doboj and Banja Luka, departs at 10.41. It arrives in Banja Luka at 15.34. A return ticket to Banja Luka costs 17 €.

See below for trains to/from Ploče From/to Ploče via Mostar

There is another train route from Ploče in Croatia to Sarajevo via Mostar. It's apparently a very beautiful route.

Trains depart Ploče daily:

  • 06:40, arriving in Sarajevo at 10:18, via Mostar at 08:04
  • 16:20, arriving in Sarajevo at 20:10, via Mostar at 17:56

Trains from Sarajevo to the south:

  • 06:25, arriving in Ploče at 10:22, via Mostar at 08:50
  • 18:18, arriving in Ploče at 22:06, via Mostar at 20:40

Single tickets from Sarajevo to Mostar cost 5.5 €. Holders of an ISIC student card can get a 30% discount.

See Croatian Railways website for more information.

[edit] Air

Sarajevo airport (airport code SJJ) is 12 km from the city centre. Taxis from the airport to the centre cost around 20KM (€10).

The only budget airline flying to Sarajevo is SAS Snowflake from Copenhagen: lists these destinations:

[edit] Europe

* Austria: Austrian Airlines (Vienna Schwechat)
* Czech Republic: Czech Airlines (Prague)
* Croatia: Croatia Airlines (Zagreb)
* Denmark: SAS Snowflake (Copenhagen)
* Germany: Lufthansa (Munich)
* Hungary: MALEV (Budapest)
* Italy: Alitalia (Milan Malpensa)
* Slovenia: Adria (Ljubljana)
* Serbia: JAT Yugoslav Airlines (Belgrade)
* Turkey: Turkish Airlines (Istanbul)

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