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This wiki page answers the checklist of questions posted on debconf-team mailing list.

Pictures of room doors

The room entrance from the inside (I'm standing there to give an idea of width) ((Nice, but that shows normal rooms, not the rooms for disabled people.))

A door separating room "halway" and "bedroom"

Hallway with room doors

The doors are opened with chip-cards, making for easy handling.

The lights are all remote sensor activated. Don't know how to show this in a photo really :)

Access within the Hotel

Hotel has two elevators.

All hallways in the Hotel are like this.

This is the only step in the whole Hotel, as the manager says!

And even this step has a ramp.

Pictures of bathroom and doors

Bathroom door showing the bathroom with shower. The shower has a small wall.

((Again: those are the normal rooms, you missed the other ones))

Better look at bathroom with shower (toilet is in another room)

Yet another view of shower. Is this small wall on the shower a problem for persons in wheelchairs?

((No, they have other rooms))

Doors to auditoriums

This is one entrance. All entrances are "double" (don't know the proper word in English...)

Another doors... Here we have opened both doors. This is looking from the outside

This is just one door opened.

This is view from the inside.

Another shot, showing that there are no stairs anywhere.

This is entrance into the third auditorium.

Entrance into a fourth, smaller room that could be useful for hacklabs or BoF.

The fourth room from the outside. It's in a hallway just like the one shown above.

Hotel entrance

Entrance from the inside. It has sliding doors (here shown open).

Entrance from the outside.

This image shows the ramp that leads to entrance.

Another look at the ramp. There were some works on the entrance (they are putting up hotels name on the roof) so there was a worker willing to pose for the shot :)

Streets around Hotel

This image shows that Hotel entrance is connected to the sidewalk. So when a disabled person exits the Hotel, they can turn left or right and use the sidewalk, or they can go forward to e.g. reach a car or bus. Sadly, at the moment when this shot was taken, the workers dropped a bunch of crates blocking the sidewalk :(

Hotel has a huge parking lot in front and on the side of it.

Behind the Hotel there is a huge park with pedestrian roads. It's connected with this road which technically isn't closed for cars but is mostly epmty.

Text describing moving around the city

The hotel has promised to provide their minibus for the duration of conference. Minibus is ready for disabled persons (has lowered floors) and can take 20 persons or cca. 10 persons in wheelchairs. This minibus would transfer disabled persons from-to airport and would be available for tours to the city centre.

Otherwise, it is possible to call a taxi that is pretty inexpensive in SJJ (a ride from Hotel to city centre should be about 5 Eur).

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