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[edit] Overview

A breakdown of the roles required to run Debconf, along with a map of how this ties to our central organisation. For each role, a description

[edit] Example Description

Responsibilities: Meetings, Wiki, Radios Description: In depth description of what the role requires. Requires: List of other roles this role will need to be in contact with to obtain equipment Deliverables: Things this role has to provide Time Commitment: Effort needed, special details (on call, batch work, etc)

[edit] Roles

  • Orga
    • Team Leader
    • Sponsorship
    • Equipment Sourcing
    • Finance
  • Local
    • Team Leader
    • Catering
    • Venue
    • Equipment
    • Communications
    • Network
    • Accom

[edit] Local Team

[edit] Communications

Responsibilities: Meetings, Wiki, Radios Requires: Equipment Deliverables: Radio comms system & policy, radio training Time Commitment:

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