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See for more information on DebConf resources

[edit] Subversion

the svn repositories we use for the DebConf fun used a version up to now, ie debconf6-data and debconf6-team for 2006's DebConf. As this includes problems like the need to add everyone again every year, a growing number of repositories *or* deletion (and lost data) of old ones (like those for DC5), we now moved to unversioned repositories.

So, if you look for some DC6 data - use: or from now on. Subdirectories are named after the DebConf *or* the function they have, in case its not only for a specific DebConf. Currently we have subdirs for dc0 til dc7, and in debconf-data, and for dc6 and dc7 in debconf-team.

As last year -data is completly public, and contains everything for website or that should be public, -team is restricted for private data like sponsor contacts.

We also have 2 new mailinglists for those repositories, getting the commit mails, debconf-data-commits and debconf-team-commits on The -team archive is, due to the nature of the svn repository, non-public, free for everyone that is in that alioth group.

In case you only want to checkout a specific debconf simply add the directory to your svn commandline, eg svn co svn+ssh:// gets you only dc6 related files.

If you do not have access to debconf-data or debconf-team yet, but want to work on DebConf - contact an admin and I add you.

If you use svn annonymous, you can use


Or, if you have access to them:


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