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[edit] Scratchpad

 06 15:05 < moray> Evening News, Metro etc. should be easier as they do lots of
  articles that are regurgitated press releases
 06 14:49 < kevc_> there-s not much, annonce message is on the wiki, i've
  spammed the scottish lugs, lugmaster, the osc, uknot and a couple of news
 06 14:50 < kevc_> also scotlandIS
 06 14:51 < madduck> i'll deal with the print newspapers first, then see where
  to from there.
 06 14:54 < kevc_> i found it hard to get through to contacts with those
 06 14:55 < kevc_> no one ever got back when i sent info

Phoning is probably best, then emailing individual journalists, then using general email addresses. It might be sensible to search for Linux/free software-friendly articles, and try contacting those journalists.

Some contacts

Guardian Owen Gibson

020 7278 2332 to Guardian, Possibly (Not sure) - Timesonline Jonathan Richards & Rhys Blakely No phone number available apparently. Possibly 020-7782 5000 - Telegraph Shane Richmond

[edit] Links

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