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Some conferences we might want to look at getting details for (note that I'm not claiming these are all FOSS conferences, just that there might be a crossover of interests from Debian attendees)

Known dates:

Guessed dates:

  • UKUUG Linux 2007: in 2006 was late June (UK)
  • LinuxTag: in 2006 was in May (Germany)
  • PostgreSQL: in 2006 was 8/9 July (Canada)
  • Kernel summit: usually late June/early July just before OLS, 2007 probably in Sept, Cambridge (UK)
  • EuroOSCon: in 2006 was September
  • Linux Kongress: usually September/October (Germany)
  • RubyConf: in 2006 was 20-22 October (USA)
  • EuroBSDCon: in 2006 was November

Don't know:

  • BSDCon
  • Congreso Nacional de Software Libre (Venezuela) ending at July 2007. A brief poll will be carried in Debian Venezuela, expected results are: everyone wants Debconf :)
  • Ubuntu summit?
  • Anything for Gentoo/SuSE?

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