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[edit] Event Coordinators / Moderators

We need people to chair the talks and BoFs. This means

  • you make sure the speaker is there. It is usually best to talk to the speaker a day before he has his talk, so you know he is there and aware of the time and location.
  • you introduce the speaker and his talk to the audience. (And in case you dont know how to pronounce the name - talk to the Speaker before you do it, not all of us have names that are easy to speak, especially if you are from a totally different language...)
  • you keep track of the time and inform the speaker early that he should finish his talk. Usually by showing signs like "10 mins left", "5 mins left", "Time out". In the time planning you should always include a little session for questions at the end, but talk to the speaker what he wants with that. Like - long session of questions at the end, nothing during the talk needs a different calculation than "all questions during talk".
  • you chair the question session at the end. That basically means keeping track of who has a question and getting the mic to those.

This work should be done by multiple people, at best enough to have one Coordinator only do one session a day. Where a session could be "the morning talks" or "those between Lunch and Dinner".

We have 2 Talk and 2 Bof Rooms, so need up to 4 coordinators during DebConf.

[edit] Who can do it?

Everyone that speaks at least a little bit of english and that wants to help. :)


[edit] Volunteers

Add your name in the table below if you want to help. "Scheduling", ie. assigning people to talks, will be done during DebCamp then.

  • Patty Langasek, available 17-19 June, 21-22 June
  • Nattie M-H, available 18-22 June
  • David Moreno Garza, 18th-22nd.
  • José Miguel Parrella Romero, 18th.-22nd. June, BoF Room 1. It would be great to share the task with someone else (I will participate in other talks/BoFs which will happen in other rooms)

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