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[edit] Agenda: informal discussion of dc8 venues.

The meeting started with a delay while the .ve people showed up. After a while (20 minutes) a start was made.

[edit] .ar

Marga pointed people to the .ar team's photos at . Marga said that they were thinking of Mar del Plata as the main venue and Mendoza as a backup.

  • Marga said that, based on the visit, there weren't enough 3 and 4 person rooms to hold 300 people, which meant using 2 person rooms and raising the price to 16USD a person a night. This includes breakfast. A good point, however, is that the network team can do anything they want.
  • Food: service to table, veggie food provided, waiter for every 20 people, 13USD for lunch and dinner.
  • network: four ADSL lines, 512kb/s links. Can do what we want.
  • hacklabs, speaking: conference rooms next to hacklab. soundproofed. external company to do AV stuff.
  • Transport: "the car trip is around ~4h, by bus should by ~5, train I think is something like 6h" this stuff is in the wiki.
  • local sponsorship: small companies. nothing large.

[edit] .ve:

  • sponsorship: State oil company, do accom under 30USD. Also talking to a bank. debian-ve an actual NGO.
  • network: 4 ADSL links, 1024/512 each. satalitte, 2Mbs. Telco being nationalized, which may help.
  • politics: presidental decree to use free software. Other debian events have been sucessful, and helped by the state. thread on debconf-team discussing this.
  • accom: hotel, deal with sponsor? five stars, very very nice. without sponsorship, 130USD a night.
  • food: catering service.

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