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[edit] DC8 bids timeline

Moray pointed out the old timeline, and said that both bids had met the first deadline, submitting the bid. He suggested the old timeline, with questions for January and a decision in early febuary (8th). Ganneff and gwolf thought this was still doable.

Visiting: gwolf thought this was nice though not fundamental. Moray thought it was less necessary than last year. Ganneff pointed out that it was a long way from europe. Moray suggested a swap, with a person from .ve visiting .ar and vice-versa. other people in the area were suggested, with .bo people named. Moray outlined three options:

  • no visits
  • swap - one person from each team visit the other team's place.
  • central person visits both.

after some thinking about flights, two meetings to discuss were suggested, with second meeting being decision time.

[edit] Press team

Moray reported a little more progress, no press release sent yet. harmony is working on it. He stated that he hoped it would be finshed by next week.

[edit] Visas

moray has written a draft invitation letter and infomation on writing a sponsorship letter. He asked for help, none was forthcoming.

[edit] networking.

mhy reported that he and sgran were going to look at Teviot on the 16th Jan. They are going to work out how to cable the place, set up wireless, and other pratical things. Sgran has been talking to people about the upstream link. Mhy promised a report and coloured maps showing coverage. Moray suggested relooking at what rooms to use for tasks when this was known.

[edit] Food

Moray stated that no one was working on this. teviot will have the canteen open at mealtimes and a cafe with snacks and drinks all the time. When more is known about sponsorship someone needs to discuss it with them. its not urgent, but a volunteer is needed.

[edit] accommodation

Jon outlined two offers and another hostel.

the plan: book BB and castle rock, avoid cowgate if we can, keep looking

The issue of a secure storage was raised. Moray pointed out that tevoit was the best place, and that they were paing to security there.

[edit] sponsorship

Maulkin couldn't make it, so no report was heard. Bank account being worked out, there were problems with the first bank.

[edit] AOB

Ganneff asked about regs for debian day. Moray said a seperate, simpler system was needed. he asked for someone to write this, Pete offered.

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