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[edit] Debconf 7 local team meeting

9th September 2006


  • Stephen Quinney (steveq)
  • Steve Kemp (skx)
  • Moray Allan (moray)
  • SteveMcIntyre (Sledge)
  • Kevin Campbell (kevc)
  • Mark Brown (broonie)
  • Neil McGovern (Maulkin)
  • Steve Gran (sgran)
  • Mark Hymers (mhy)
  • JonDowland (Jon)
  • PhilHands (fil)
  • Pete Nuttall (psn)

Chair: none

Minutes: Jon, mhy, psn

[edit] 1. Teviot

  • PROVISIONAL times: Saturday 9th June -> Sunday 24th June
    • 9th  : Setup
    • 10th -> 15th: Debcamp
    • 16th  : Debian Day (arrivals for debconf)
    • 17th -> 23rd: Debconf
    • 24th  : Leave and teardown
  • ACTION: kevc to contact Teviot RE: 9th,10th
    Will pay deposit once company is set up (see 8)
  • finalised times to be announced within one week of meeting
  • Agreement was talks from 17th -> 23rd; not including 20th
  • 20th is no talks; may be day trip
  • Cleaning needs to be arranged. Can we just pay Teviot to sort it out themselves?
  • 24 hour access
    • Do we need the whole building?
    • Conference badges needed for ID
    • Need to pay security guard (GBP 8 per hour)
  • What staff are Teviot providing?
    • Bar staff
    • Kitchen staff
    • Security staff
    • Manager on site?
  • 30ish rooms in Teviot

[edit] 2. Food

* we'd like to use vouchers; up to amount of money per voucher 

- estimate 4 per voucher?

* People can pay extra over that amount
* buying in bulk in advance should mean discounts
* Times for canteen; lunch/dinner
  * Lunch 12pm - 2pm
  * Dinner 6pm - 8pm
* Prices; estimate 8pppd; gives us about 25600 for debconf

* 2800ish for debcamp

  * not including formal dinner (see item 7)
* Vegetarian / Vegan options
* Where can people eat?  Canteen only?
* Teviot's attitude to bringing in food (hack snacks)?
  * Should we use 1pppd of food budget to buy these in ourselves cheaply?

[edit] 3. Local team

* People as present
* Need front desk presence
* Need contact details for 'on-call' person
* More Edinburgh-local people will be involved later

[edit] 4. Accommodation

  • 400 people; probably need to put 350 in hostels
  • Hostels c.GBP12pppn (per person per night) commercial
  • Probably 10pppn with discount
  • Two hostels 150/200 people each
  • Estimate: GBP28000 for debconf
  • How much for Debcamp? GBP4200? Estimated 50 people on average
  • Suggestions for other non-sponsored hotels; maybe talk to them for possible discounts
  • ACTION: Check suitable accomodation for people in wheelchairs: kevc
  • ACTION: contact hostels: Maulkin

[edit] 5. Travel

* Past spending: Debconf 6: requested: USD77000, granted: USD53000
* Find out maximum subsidy we're willing to pay from each country / city by looking at costs of budget airlines
  * Once information is found, give to Orga team for further consideration

[edit] 6. Networking

* mhy and sgran to do local co-ordination
* ACTION: kevc to get building plans from Teviot and send to mhy
* QUERY: Can we use Teviot's infrastructure
  * Need to get all this in writing from them in case of problems
* ACTION: mhy to estimate switch, cabling requirements
* ISPs
  * Blackcat
  * Blueyonder
  * uni connection (JaNET) a no-go due to AUP
* mhy to liaise with Ganneff for orga team
* mhy to talk to ho1ger about wireless access points
* Server room
  * QUERY: Where does the cabling come back to?
* Thick walls; many APs
* QUERY: PAT testing?
* QUERY: Need to double check cabling is OK.
* equipment traditionally obtained/loaned free
* bandwidth requirements
  * 10Mb/s min, as symmetric as possible
  * video team want 3Mb/s up

[edit] 6. A/V Provision

* Rigging is there already
* QUERY: Can we use their projectors or can we bring in our own ones?
* Two tracks:
  * Debating hall (top floor): 250 people
  * Smaller talk room: 150 people
    * Screen
    * Projector
    * ACTION: Find a PA and mixing kit - Maulkin
    * Video / audio desk area
* BOF space - everywhere else; no AV provided
* Bar has a fixed AV thing - might be BOF suitable
* high quality AV is desirable
  * sound the biggest problem in past confs

[edit] 7. Social events / things to do

* Ceilidh
* Conference dinner
  * Thursday 21st
  * (Maybe) only if someone sponsors it specifically
  * Estimated GBP10000: 25pp * 400
* ACTION: List of general interesting things to do - Moray
  * Maybe place on a board at entrance
    * webcam pointing at board (sync w/ online)
* Day trip
  * Do we want to pay for buses etc?
  * Distillery
    * via some other place?
  * Dungeons
  * Castle
  * Zoo (penguins)
  * ACTION: Who to look at ideas for day trips? kevc to find someone
  * Only if paid for by a sponsor
  * Disabled access / travel

[edit] 8. Finance / Sponsorship / Organisation

* estimated final figure: 91K + travel => 120K GBP (rough)
* Jon has a shortlist of potential sponsors to be contacted
* DC7 corp
  * directors: Sledge, fil, Maulkin
  * use fil's accountant (who will arrange auditing)
  * ACTION Maulkin: incorporate/setup company
* AJ has good experience from LCA; wants us to try new things
  * what do sponsors get for their money (compare: summer of code)
    * sub-let room(s)?
* charge + bursary?
  * low bursary application rate; dissuade people
  * quick turnaround for offering bursary (for flight booking etc.)
  * consult orga team
* corporate rate
  * suggested 500 would be easily acceptable to corps
  * ACTION Maulkin: talk to bdale about feasibility
  * consult orga team
* note that our figures include accom. + food, most confs don't
* hacklab whiteboards: bugs to fix and hacking ideas go on, coordinated working
  * sponsored prizes for productive hacking / goals being met?

[edit] 9. Miscellaneous points

* No smoking in enclosed spaces in Scotland; need to warn people about this
* Information TVs
* Misc expenses
  * Vans/Transit, fuel
  * DV tapes
  * posters
  * T-shirts; Design for them
    * distinct orga Ts; possibly distinct volunteer Ts
    * t-shirt printing potentially cheap in Mexico
  * Plastic bags (from sponsors?)
    * Contents: see wiki
      * in particular, a UK plug adaptor
        * 1.50GBP estimated bulk purchase cost
        * can we get them tested/EEC approved?
* Insurance
  * Liability insurance; check with venue
  * Equipment insurance; in case servers are stolen
* Debian tartan? kilts cost lots of money; several local team members have said they'll go for kilts

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