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These Minutes are a work-in-progress.

The Debconf team held a IRC meeting on #debconf-team the 30th of August 2006 to discuss Debconf 2007 and to wrap up Debconf 2006. It was held at 19:00 UTC. People attending are refered to by their IRC nicks, and a mapping is shown below.


[edit] Attending

  • Moray Allan (Local team Leader) -- moray
  • Jon Dowland (Local Team) -- Jon
  • Steve McIntyre (DPL 2IC and Local team) -- Sledge
  • Kevin Campbell (Local Team) -- kevc
  • Neil McGovern (Local Team) -- Maulkin
  • Mark Brown (Local Team) --
  • Pete Nuttall (Local Team) -- psn
  • Holger Levsen (Debconf team) -- h01ger
  • Joerg Jaspert (Debconf team) -- Ganneff
  • Simon Richter -- GyoisGyers
  • Matthew Garrett -- mjg59

Chaired By: Moray Allan

Minuted By: ["JonDowland"], Peter Nuttall

[edit] Item 1: final report debconf6

As Fabbe and Gwolf were not present, Moray decided to postpone this item for the next meeting.

[edit] Item 2: Pentabarf

Ganneff suggests we use Pentabarf as conference organisation software. He has been do a developer's meeting in Berlin. He reports that future plans look interesting. A server is being provided for pentabarf developers to always have an installation of the latest SVN trunk running. Moray asks if anyone objects to Pentabarf, no-one does.

Ganneff requests that if anyone is familiar with Ruby, he would love help. Psn nominated Jon, who acknowledged.

Psn queries how stable the software is: Ganneff states 0.2 very, 0.3 is new. Ganneff indicates we will probably use 0.3 and play a role in it's development.

  • Action Jon: contact Ganneff to obtain a login on the pentabarf server.

[edit] Item 3: Sponsorship team: meeting, bag, levels

Moray requests clarification of the agenda topic.

  • Meeting is regarding a sponsorship meeting to be arranged.
  • Bag is regarding Maulkin's pack.
  • Levels is regarding sponsorship teirs: e.g., gold sponsor, silver sponsor, etc.

more to come

[edit] Item 4: DebConfWhy

The wiki page has only been edited by h0lger so far. Moray suggests everyone present reads the page during the meeting. Broonie wonders what it's for. Moray suggests for resolving flamewars regarding decisions, or for educating sponsors. h0lger confirms the latter. Moray indicates he assumes the page would be re-written to target sponsors.

more to come

[edit] AOB

[edit] AOB 1: Date choice procedure

Kevc reports that he hasn't heard back from Teviot, which is the planned main venue. Broonie notes that they may be cleaning up from the festival. Kevc suggests they may not phone back until this is done. Kevc wishes to get hold of them before the localteam meeting.

Moray asks how dates are selected. He wishes to know that if the local team decide on a date, does someone else want to approve it. Ganneff states that if the local team have a date, then the press team should release it. Kevc states that he will file a ticket when he has a date. Moray notes that the other free software confs don't seem to have dates yet. Moray then states that they will have to pick dates and hope they don't clash. Moray also notes other confs may have dates internally. Moray notes that GUADEC are planning a UK conf, and it would be nice if this fell in debcamp. Mjg59 notes that GUADEC is the 15th -> 21st of July. Which is the week before the hoped for dates for debconf. Psn notes that the kde conf is getting later every year. GyoisGeier hopes that it will not clash with Oktoberfest Ganneff inquires as to when the festival is, broonie tells him August and kevc notes that graduation is around then as well. mjg59 supplies dates for other confs:

  • 3/ July 22-29 -- 9th Annual Linux Symposium
  • 22-29 -- OLS
  • Action: mjg59 to mail localteam dates for all the confs so far known.
  • Action: kevc to mail confs and ask for dates

[edit] AOB 2: meeting times

Ganneff wishes that we could decide on one time slot for the meetings. Jon agrees, and proposes Mondays at 1900UTC. Faw notes that Mondays are bad for him. People suggest dates and state what works for them. Kevc notes that discussing on irc isn't the best way to do this and suggests a vote on the list. Ganneff suggests mailing a form for voting and notes that people who don't vote have no say. Ganneff suggests a two week deadline on voting.

  • Action: Ganneff to mail the list for work out the best date and time

[edit] AOB 3: Prodding DC6 people

Moray repeats that the DC6 report will have to wait until next time. Ganneff states that he will contact the DC6 people for their final report.

  • Action: Ganneff to prod the DC6 people

[edit] AOB 4: chair

Jon asks if the Chair will remain the same for every meeting. Maulkin states that this information is on the wiki at ["DebConf7Meetings"]. Ganneff states that it changes every meeting.


[edit] Meeting closed

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