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[edit] Things that we need

Desc Minimum Preferred
10/100 switches 100 ports? MORE
adapters for germany style powerplugs to UK style 16 MORE
or: 7x 5V 2A power and 9x 12V 1A supplies with UK style plugs 16 MORE
Walkie-Talkies many more

[edit] Things that you plan to bring

Name Dates Item(s)
Phil Hands 09-24 14 PCs (video team taking 4)
Fluke CAT5 tester
24-way 10/100 switch
heavy duty dolly (caster board)
at least 2 Talkabout walki-talkies
several 12-way power-strips (if needed)
LandRover [Defender 110]
Ben Hutchings 09-24 5x HP DL140 (video team taking 3)

[edit] Current Shopping List

Desc Qty Supplier price limit

(I dunno how to do these odd table things, but I could do with about 10 envelopes and 5 foolscap folders or so)

[edit] See Also

DebConf7/videoteam/Hardware (although WombleToo reckons that they have all they need)

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