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The idea is to have a musical evening/night. If you want to play some live music or DJ set, just add your name, the style(s) you want to play and how long your intend to play. I will try to compile a lineup out of this in due time.

  • Peter De Schrijver (p2) - goatrance DJ set - 3 hours
  • (maybe) Mario Iseli - hardcore to the bone DJ set - 3 hours
  • Roland Stigge - would like to form a DebConf band if enough musicians are found. Playing the electrical bass, looking for others to join. Already found: A drummer, bass (obviously). Contact me at

Contact kevc on oftc (kev at projectcolo dot org dot uk) if you are wanting to do more with this. There are some suitable options for this sort of thing in town at that time.

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