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[edit] Plan/ideas

Get free branded bags from a major sponsor, and fill them with:

  • Tourist information, including city map (free from tourist board)
  • Conference timetable, only including details that are definitely fixed
  • Conference contact details sheet (addresses/phone numbers for venues and the like)
  • Food tickets (if applicable)
  • Conference t-shirt, in person's chosen size (may be cheaper to print in Mexico and ship over?) (optional)
  • Name badge
  • UK plug adaptor (should be possible to get ones for European and US plugs in bulk) (optional)
  • If we find a friendly supplier, a miniature bottle of whisky has been suggested (but we shouldn't spend a noticeable amount of money on this, people can buy their own alcohol)
  • Tablet would be very cheap to include (almost all geeks seem to like sugary sweets)
  • Conference proceedings (optional)

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