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[edit] DebCamp Skills Echange

We have people, we have BOF room, we have time.

Therefore we allocate the BOF room and meet to exchange skills, demonstrate software, share tips.

Add below here what you are interested in and what you can teach or show, then we meet and improvise something of it.

You can look at DebCampSkillsExchanged to see sessions that have already happened. If you missed them, you can contact the person who held the session and ask for a repeat.

Enrico: DebConf is starting and the schedule is getting very full of interesting things. I have no idea where to schedule events, so people who are interested please try to get the event organised together with the speaker'

[edit] Offers

[edit] Debian Technical Committee

By: Bdale Garbee

It appears that all members of the Tech Ctte are present at Debconf7, so we have a relatively rare opportunity for in-person interaction if there should be any interest. Meet'n'greet, Q&A, whatever?

Interested people:

  • add your name here

[edit] Git tutorial again

By: Sebastian Harl (The talk has been held before, but I have been asked to repeat it some time)

Interested people:

  • Shish
  • Enrico Tassi
  • Yaarg
  • LukClaes
  • WouterVanHeyst
  • Rhonda
  • Micah
  • Manuel Prinz
  • tiagovaz
  • BaruchEven
  • MaximilianWilhelm (Allready have some experiences with GIT)
  • Damyan Ivanov
  • Martin Krafft
  • Florian Ragwitz

[edit] Haskell tutorial again

By: Joachim “nomeata” Breitner (The talk has been held before, but some people could not come. If so, please indicate interest here:)

Interested people:

  • JonDowland (sorry I missed the last one)
  • MikkoTorni
  • FlorianRagwitz
  • nueces...
  • Al Nikolov
  • Manuel Prinz
  • Jose Miguel Parrella Romero
  • Eddy Petrisor

[edit] C/C++ development tips

By: EnricoZini

Interested people:

  • Sebastian Harl
  • Luciano Bello
  • Jérémy Bobbio
  • Paul Wise
  • Florian Ragwitz
  • Maximilian Wilhelm
  • Marco Amadori (in learning state only)

[edit] Ruby app/lib packaging tutorial or problem discussion

By: PaulVanTilburg

Interested people:

  • DavidMorenoGarza

[edit] Introduction to signal processing with R

By: Luciano Bello

Interested people:

  • Francesco P. Lovergine

[edit] Workshop on Spam fighting for the BTS

Discussion on how big the spam problem is for the BTS and what we are doing about it. Ideas on improvements welcome.

By: Blars Blarson

Interested people:

[edit] CMake introduction

By: expert wanted

Interested people:

  • Francesco Paolo Lovergine
  • Sebastian Harl
  • Sune Vuorela

[edit] autoconf/automake/etc. + quilt + svn-buildpackage

By: Sam Hocevar

Interested people:

  • Manuel Prinz
  • Gonéri Le Bouder
  • Giacomo Catenazzi

[edit] GIMP and/or Inkscape

By: Ari Pollak

Interested people:

  • add your name here

[edit] Security Deam : DSA Releasing

By: Steve Kemp

This will show how a DSA is released, watching DAK, editing the website, etc.

Interested people:

  • add your name here

[edit] Other submissions

DebCampSkillsExchangeExtras lists other submissions that are not particularly related about exchanging skills but can nevertheless provide interesting discussions.

[edit] Guide to adding to the page

Express interest in a skill by adding your name to the list of interested people.

Request a skill by creating a section with it, write "By: expert wanted" and add your name to the list of interested people.

Offer a skill by creating a section with it, write "By: YourName" or replacing "expert wanted" with your name.

Schedule your session by getting a BOF room and add time and place to the title.

[edit] Template new entries

[edit] Example offered skill

By: MyName

Interested people:

  • add your name here

[edit] Example wanted skill

By: expert wanted

Interested people:

  • add your name here, and your level of expertise

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