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This page is for planning the pre-DebCamp setup day, i.e. 2007-06-09.

Arrived previous day: amaya, h01ger, madduck, pixie

Arriving today for setup: fil & Sledge (in the early hours of the morning)

Arriving today for DebCamp: see


  • kevc to arrange a building opening time with Teviot, go along himself (with one other?) at opening time.
  • Depending on opening time, either meet in Forrest Hill for planning, or directly at Teviot.

Need to do today:

  • Check upstream network connection is still working.
  • Get network connectivity a temporary hacklab area, or ideally to the top floor, and set up wireless and public access wired ports there, and appropriate power sockets.
  • Print initial food tickets (can be different from later ones if needed).
  • Print initial name badges.
  • Plan rest of network setup in detail, based on viewing the rooms again, actual measurements etc.

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