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[edit] When?

Wednesday 20th, leaving at 9-9:30am, return time at your option.

[edit] Where?

We are considering traveling to the Isle of Bute. A very scenic train ride will get us to Glasgow, and another scenic train ride will bring us to the port where we will catch a ferry to get to the island. On the island, we'll see the southern tip of the Highlands, a gorgeous coastal view and an old castle for us to visit as well as a small town for shopping and eating pleasures.

[edit] How to register?

You're too late to register now. The day trip already took place!

[edit] Cost of the trip and how to pay

You should have paid for the trip already. However, the FrontDesk has some spare group tickets. If you didn't pay yet ask them if they have some spare (be nice). Otherwise, you will need to buy your own tickets at the train station.

[edit] Detailed information

First of all, please retrieve the train tickets for the trip at the FrontDesk. You will be given four tickets, each of this tickets is valid for a group of four people. That means you have to get together in a group in order to collect a ticket. You have to stick with the group of four people with as you might get into trouble (¿thrown out of the train?) if you don't. Two tickets are for the trip to the Island (one for the trip to Glasgow and another one for the trip to Wemyss Bay), the other two tickets are the return tickets.

We will be leaving from Teviot at 9:30 on Wednesday Morning and will go to Edinburgh Waverly Station. As the tickets are only valid out of rush period, we will take the train after 10 am. We are taking a public train which has 150 seat capacity and there's 152 of us, that means that, most probably, we will have to split between different trains. Please, remain in your group of four, do not split!

Our train will take us to Glasgow, where we will catch another train (after a 5-10 minutes walk, as we will have to change stations) to Wemyss Bay. At Wemyss we will take a Ferry to Bute Island. No station change will be needed there.

The total travel time is approximately 2-3 hours. You can spend as much time as you like on the island. We will provide information for everyone to be able to return at their leisure. Please bear in mind that the return time will also be 2-3 hours, so the length of the trip will be entirely up to you. If you wish to spend 2 hours on the island, that gives you at least 8 hours from the conference venue.

You will be given a map with the train timetable, a map of the walk you will have to take in Glasgow to switch stations as well as emergency phone numbers you can use in the event of confusion.

The tickets are discount tickets, which means that they have a restricted period of use. If you arrive at Glasgow between 16:30-18:30 you will not be able to pickup the train to Edinburgh. You can use that opportunity to visit Glasgow, however.

[edit] Food

Food will be entirely up to you. We have no information as to the availability of vegan or vegetarian meals either on the trains or on the island itself. We will be visiting a small town on the island, who is sure to have at least one grocery store, however we can make no guarantees. We encourage you to bring snacks with you in the event that available lunch does not agree with you, but upon arriving on the island, you should be able to find food at the grocery store.

[edit] Who will come?

Note: This information is based on the answers to the mailing list, please add yourself in alphabetical order.

Important Note: Even if you are on the list you still have to pay for the trip if you have not done this already. This list is only informational.

  • Alberto Turelli and Daniele
  • Andreas Ehn
  • Andrew McMillan
  • Andrew Pollock
  • Anibal Avelar
  • Ari Pollak
  • Baruch Even
  • Benjamin Seidenberg
  • Blars Blarson
  • César Gómez Martín
  • Clint Adams
  • Christian Sanchez
  • Damyan Ivanov and Nadi
  • Daniel Glassey
  • David Graham
  • David Martínez Moreno
  • Dominic Hargreaves (will buy tickets at the station)
  • Dmitry Borodaenko
  • Ed Bartosh
  • Enrico Tassi
  • Erinn Clark
  • Francesco Lovergine
  • Frans Pop
  • Gavin Quast
  • Gerardo Curiel
  • Gregor Herrmann
  • Hector Oron
  • Heike Jurzik
  • Henning Sprang
  • Huaqing Zheng
  • Ian Jackson (will buy own tickets at the station)
  • Jack Liu
  • James Troup
  • James Vega
  • Javier Fernandez-Sanguino
  • Jeroen van Wolffelaar
  • Joachim Breitner
  • Jose Miguel Parrella Romero
  • Juan G. Hernando Rivero
  • Julia Freeman
  • Kelvin Chen
  • Kurt Roeckx
  • Laura New
  • Lidia Mendez
  • Lior Kaplan
  • Luca Capello
  • Luis Rodrigo Gallardo Cruz
  • Luk Claes
  • Manoj Srivastava and Judy
  • Manuel Alejandro Cerón Estrada
  • Marcin Owsiany
  • Mari Wang
  • Mark Brown
  • Martin Stigge
  • Matthias Schmitz
  • Michael Banck
  • Michael Meskes
  • Michael Schultheiss
  • Patty Langasek
  • Petter Reinholdtsen
  • Reinhard Tartler
  • Ricardo Cárdenes
  • Roland Rosenfeld
  • Roland Stigge
  • Russ Allbery
  • Sebastian Harl
  • Stefano Zacchiroli
  • Steve Langasek
  • Thiemo Seufer
  • Thorsten Werner
  • Thomas Girard
  • Thomas Lange
  • Vicente Romero Calero
  • Wouter van Heyst
  • Yauheni Kaliuta

[edit] Questions?

Write to Patty Langasek <>. If you have urgent questions go over to the FrontDesk and ask there (Patty might be there too). Please do not use IRC to ask questions. Patty has not been able to keep up with the amount of information on the #debconf channel to appropriately respond.

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