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[edit] When?

Monday 18th, 23h

[edit] Where?

Night venue, Bristol PL. 4

[edit] Why?

Cheese is Good For You. Wine also helps.

[edit] Questions?

Write to Christian Perrier <>.

[edit] Import Restrictions from outside the EU


[edit] What will you bring?

Please add your entry in alphabetical order. Please choose one, two, or exceptionnally three, representative cheese from your place (list of cheeses. It is recommended to target pieces that can be cut in about 10/20 slices/portions/whatever each.

  • Argentina
    • beuno/ASCIIGirl: red wine from Mendoza (Merlot), cheese, not sure yet
    • Tincho: red or white wine from Argentina
    • nueces: Quara, red wine from Cafayate - Salta (Syrah).
  • Australia
    • anibal: Cabernet Sauvignon 2002 from Coonawarra, New South Wales and Hot Chilli wine from Eden also in New South Wales.
  • Austria
    • gregoa: three small pieces of cheese from different parts of Austria: Rässkäse (Vorarlberg), Kaiser Max (Tirol/Tyrol), Quargel (Steiermark/Styria)
  • Belgium
    • kroeckx: Will bring various cheeses, not sure which yet.
  • Brazil
  • Cuba
    • moya: Rum Varadero 7 years aged
  • Denmark
    • Sune Vuorela: Danablue (Danish blue cheese) + medium stored plain danish cheese (What danish people would expect if you said "cheese") - Denmark isn't known for its wine, so I will bring a bottle of "Gammel Dansk" (wikipedia describes it as a "stomach bitter")
  • France (please avoid redundant cheese)
    • bubulle: Epoisses, Munster, Sancerre red wine 2004 (Loire valley wine)
    • nekral: Comté, Camembert, Bleu or Fourme, Salers or Cantal
    • MadCoder: 2 Reblochons and a big portion of Roquefort. Red Bordeaux.
    • aurel32: Reblochon, St Marcellin
  • Germany / Deutschland
    • noel: Harzer, Emmentaler, Grünländer and the wine is a Spätburgunder
    • andreas: Harzer :), wine from most Northern wine harvesting area of Europe Saale-Unstrut area
    • jmm Harzer for the third time (I only read the wiki after having bought it, it's very much of a conindicence, there's really more kinds of cheese in Germany) and Trollinger wine
  • Italy
  • Mexico
    • damog: Red Worm mezcal and cheese, both from Oaxaca.
    • gwolf: Tequila from Jalisco (Damog, don't you mean both your mezcal and cheese are from Oaxaca? :). gwolf: Yes, I do, fixed now :-) )
  • Netherlands
    • joostvb: Organic soft Goat Cheese from saanenhof in Heeze. Dutch cheese with fenugreek from Genneperhoeve, near Eindhoven.
  • New Zealand
    • karora: Some nice wine TBA (probably Chardonnay & Pinot Noir). Kikorangi (blue cheese) from Kapiti. Maybe more.
  • Norway
    • Simira: Crème Chérie dessert cheese, Royal Blue, maybe some home made wine from blueberries and other wild things, some salt biscuits.
    • Mithrandir: Matured Jarlsberg, Snøfrisk ("Snowfresh"), possibly some wild berry liquor.
    • pixie: Norwegian brown cheese
  • Spain
    • zumbi:Two goat cheese from Pirenees (one natural and other one smoked). Red Wine Sangre de Toro(Garnacha/Mazuelo). Spanish honey-rum, the rum before spaniards show cubans how to make rum. :-)
    • jfs: One cheese from Gallicia. Two bottles of Red Wine (Rioja).
  • Switzerland
    • madduck: Gruyere and Appenzeller, maybe Tete de Moine, not sure about Wine
    • mario: Pesca frizz (special swiss wine) and the famous emmentaler cheese
    • cate: Merlot del Ticino, and probably some special wines from Valais. Still to check the logistic.
    • hug: Appenzeller Alpenbitter (special liqour made of 42 different herbs)
  • United Kingdom
    • broonie: As many locally produced as I can find in the local Farmers' Market (there is at least one regular cheese specialist)
    • neilm: Lots of different types from around the UK :)
  • United States
    • vorlon & harmoney: a couple different Oregon wines (maybe dessert this time?), and perhaps a California if we stoop that low. White cheddar from Oregon. Mmmmm. Under penalty of imprisonment, I retract bringing cheese from the US, considering GB fears superior cheddar brought to their country. Thanks to MJ Ray (sigh) for pointing this out.
  • Venezuela
    • bureado: guayanese cheese (maybe telita cheese?), tamarindo, maybe casabe (cassava bread)
    • e1th0r: Ron blended special edition for Barquisimeto and central valley, wine for Carora and "Ponche Crema" from Caracas; maybee cheese from llanos.

[edit] Accessories

Please add your name here if you volunteer to bring/buy some of these.

  • Dishes
    • bubulle
  • Knives
    • bubulle
  • Glasses
  • Ice for Rum
  • Wine opener
  • Bread
    • nekral: Some French bread
    • gregoa: Sonnenblumenkernbrot (dark bread with sunflower seeds) from Austria
  • Cheese Name Tags (to pick on cheeses and write the cheese names on them)
    • could be made from toothpicks and stickers?

[edit] Location

The Wine and Cheese party will be held on Monday 18th, 23:00 local time at the night venue.

[edit] Orga Team

Preparing the Wine and Cheese party requires some volunteers to set the tables, prepare the dishes, gather the accessories, etc.

Unpacking all cheese before the party is also needed as well as nametagging all of them.

Please add your name below if you volunteer for this task. Real names may help:

  • bubulle (Christian Perrier)
  • damog (David Moreno Garza)
  • e1th0r
  • karora (Andrew McMillan)
  • mario (Mario Iseli)
  • moya (Maykel Moya)
  • nekral (Nicolas François)
  • harmoney (Patty Langasek)

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