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[edit] BoF at DebConf7

by Holger Levsen <>

But this is really a BoF. I'm going to present some issues and would like to discuss (possible) solutions. Thanks! for your participation.

[edit] the issue

  • Debian-Edu doesn't want to maintain an own archive and own CDs
  • we want to contribute to Debian directly and benefit from it
  • other CDDs have the same goals

[edit] modifiying other packages conffiles and configuration files

  • #311188
  • #350407

[edit] modifying debian-installer

  • debian-edu has two extra udebs, which modify the way debian-installer works.
    • ask all questions in the beginning
    • 4 main profiles
    • modify conf. files in the end

[edit] having an official Debian-CD for Debian-Edu

  • debian-edu should be just another flavor, like gnome, kde, xfce - shouldn't it?
    • but extra udebs
  • space issue on - really an issue? we only have 3 archs (= three CDs more) and 1 DVD, so that 6 GB

[edit] debian-edu sub-flavors

  • debian-edu.$CC
  • debian-edu.$CC.local
    • very easy way to modify and rebuild needed (think: for teachers... ;)

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