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[edit] Debconf6 meeting 28 August 2005

[edit] Log

[edit] Present:

Amaya, ASCIIGirl, avdwoude, damog, gwolf, h01ger, hermanr, josech, Keybuk, lazyb0y, loco_mx, luciano, luk, marga, nadezhda, nchip, Sledge__, stockholm, sTone_heAd, Tincho and Tolimar

[edit] Topics

[edit] Location

Gunnar found a place called Oaxtepec, nice with reasonable prices. It's 90 minutes by bus from the Mexico DF's airport. More info and pictures about this place can be found on Gunnar's blog.

Still no prices, Gunnar already asked for prices, going to have it soon.If we pay "soon" (for an undeterminate meaning of soon) 20% of the price, they will charge us in 2005 prices. Otherwise, we can expect a 6% increase.

The negative point is that it has no access for disabled people to the Parliamentary Tower.Asked the hotel to provide wooden ramps, still no answer. No double rooms, but couples can rent a room on an executive hotel very near.

[edit] Dates and Planning

Gunnar suggested Apr 29 to May 14 or May 6 to May 21. 7 days for debcamp and 7 days for debconf.

[edit] Progress meeting schedule

Meetings are going to be the 3rd sunday of every month at 19UTC. Going to be announced on the list some days before.

[edit] Teams and roles

[edit] Local help
  • Jonathan Lopez (loco_mx) has contacts on the local media, but he doesn't want to be part of the media team.
  • Claudia Landa
  • nadezhda (gunnars wife) offered herself as accountant.
  • Jose Luis Chiquet (josech), from AMESOL - President of the Board will help us cause AMESOL will represent us in mexico to organice Debconf6.

[edit] Software to be used by the organisation

COMAS, some features are going to be added. Suggested to work with trac, so many people prefer web based aplications. This will be discussed on the mailing list.


Gunnar mailed pixelgirl and the actual designer in order to make them work together.

[edit] Network

Network team will have lots of work, cause the buildings are not completely wired. h01ger asked the local team to find out if DECT phones are legal in mexico.

[edit] Video

h01ger is organizing the video-team. News on the next meeting by h01ger and lazyb0y. They will be having a meeting during september.

Meeting started at 17 UTC Meeting ended 19.30 UTC

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