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[edit] Mailinglists

A bunch of lists have been created, visit [1] for a list of them. At least the Announce List is a MUST-READ for anyone. ([2]).

List archives are at [3].

[edit] IRC Primary Channel

The organisors use the #debconf-team channel on for regular meetings and other more ad-hoc communication.

[edit] IRC Backup Channel

The backup channel is #debconf-team on

[edit] IRC Local Channel

The local team use the #debconf-localteam channel on for meetings in spanish.

[edit] Organisors wiki

The organisors use extensively to keep track of all issues and activities for organising DebConf6.

[edit] Subversion repository

All files and materials needed by the organisation are stored in a Subversion repository. You can ask Andreas, Gunnar or Ganneff to give you access to it when needed.

[edit] Main website

The main DebConf6 website is at

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