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There are some accommodation questions, but these assume people book their own, which isn't how we work....

We probably just want:

* would you like to stay in the low-budget hostel accommodation? [yes/no]
if so, * are you/your company able to pay for your accommodation? [yes/no]
      * do you want us to pay for your accommodation if possible? [yes/no]
* do you have any preferences about who you do/don't share a room with? [box]
* would you like to stay in the executive accommodation? (rate not yet known) [yes/no]
* are you arranging your own accommodation? [yes/no]
done with select field and two options where to enter stuff.


* are you/your company able to pay for your food?
* do you want us to pay for your food if possible
(ask everybody these, they may buy food in Teviot even if we don't pay for it:)
* box for dietary requirements
done by having a larger select box

The travel cost questions don't currently allow a 'pay some' option, again we maybe want something like

* are you able to pay for your own travel?
if not:  where will you be travelling from?
         how much will your travel cost?
         how much are you/your company able to pay?
Done that by simply changing the travel page of pentabarf to say "Amount requested" instead of "Fee", the rest was already included.


[edit] Questions from 2006 CMS

I left out those that are already there.

[edit] People

  • done Email-address asks for one
  • wont be done GPG Key-ID, do we want that again? Wasnt used for DC6 then.
  • done Attendee type, ie Developer, Non-DD maintainer, Non-maintainer but interested, Accompanying, Organizer, Volunteer, Press, Sponsor
  • done Emergency Contact. name and phone number plus a note saying to add to the "other stuff" box if this isn't sufficient.
  • done "Gender" should be renamed to Sex. aj offers to allocate accommodation and says he doesn't need it for that, and wants this left as 'gender' or preferably deleted
  • done Preferred T-Shirt Size - small, medium, large, extra large, extra extra large, female small, female medium, female large, female extra large
  • done food preferences - no food, regular, vegetarian, vegan (strict vegetarian), other (contact organizers)
  • done do you bring your own computer?
  • done accomodation - sponsored accomodation in a 4-6 people room, not sponsored accomodation in the executive hotel
  • done would you go on a daytrip if one is arranged? yes/depends/no

add a box for 'other stuff we need to know' (e.g. disabilities)

[edit] later on:

add more specific stuff about daytrip

check who needs wheelchair access to Teviot

[edit] Talks (now Events)

  • done We asked for a license, BSD/X11-like, GPL or "Other (needs to be DFSG-free)" was the choice.

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