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So we all (Debconf6 attendee) received a book, but maybe we are not entirely happy with it.

What about exchanging it with someone else book?

This page keeps track of who has which book and who is interested in it.

Current owner Book Interested people
debian:FilippoGiunchedi O'Reilly, GNU Emacs (reference) debian:LucaCapello
debian:LucaCapello O'Reilly, Linux Server Security debian:RolandMas
debian:DarioRapisardi O'Reilly, Knoppix Hacks
debian:SamHocevar O'Reilly, Linux Annoyances for Geeks debian:BenHutchings
debian:JossMouette O'Reilly, Linux in a Windows world
debian:CesarAlbertoBarrera O'Reilly, Samba
Carlos Martin O'Reilly, SELinux debian:JossMouette
debian:MichaelDorrington O'Reilly, SELinux If you can show more interest in it than me then you can have it
debian:PhilHands Learning Perl (3rd edition)
debian:RolandMas O'Reilly, High Performance Linux CLusters debian:FilippoGiunchedi
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