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[edit] Volunteer Managers for DebConf5

[edit] The Tasks of a Volunteer Manager

In the past we had a workforce of 30+ helpers in Oslo with coordinators for 2 bigger task forces (reception/information and sleeping quarters guard). Those coordinators would

  • find people to man the stations during all (necessary) times (perferably well in advance; oslo had detailed time tables where people could sign up),
  • answer the questions the volunteers have, show them (==perform) the necessary tasks
  • write up the FAQs for each job (e.g. for the information: telefon numbers to the janitor, the taxi cab company, the code to disarm the fire alarm...),
  • know where your volunteers are (if conference attendees look for one (we should use special colored tshirts for volunteers)
  • find something nice and motivating to give as a present to the volunteers.
  • explain the general goal the volunteers should have: make the event a pleasent, save and smooth one for everyone (including themself).

In Oslo there was a general meeting two days ahead of the start of debcamp with general inforation (pep-talk and real info).·

[edit] Task List for Volunteers

This is an incomplete list of tasks for volunteers:

  • driving people (e.g. airport - HUT - airport)
  • packing conference bags
  • preparing name tags
  • information desk
  • registration desk
  • carrying tables and chairs both before and after the conf
  • cleaning out the dorm and smökki and auditoriums after the event and recreating the original state
  • documenting the original state of all rooms we will touch (digital camera)
  • filming talks and events
  • guarding the dorm when everyone is gone
  • guarding smökki when everyone is gone
  • carring food from food place (name?) to breakfast place
  • cleaning up breakfast place after and during breakfast
  • cleaning up junk after day trip
  • cleaning up junk after barbeque
  • cleaning up junk after sauna
  • cleaning up junk in the dorm regularly
  • cleaning (with vacuum cleaner etc) dorm and smökki regularly
  • collecting money for special activities, like for buying beer or so. (seen in Oslo)
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