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[edit] Capture

These are instructions from our VNC recording setup with Enrico Zini

[edit] Get vncrec to work

  1. download vncrec sources from
  2. apt-get install xlibs-dev libxaw6-dev
  3. build vncrec; it won't make it, but it'll make it to build vncrec
  4. copy /vncrec-0.2/vncrec/vncrec to /usr/local/bin

[edit] install x11vnc

  apt-get install x11vnc
  x11vnc -viewonly -localhost

[edit] record things

   vncrec -record /bigpartitionwithfreespace/session.vnc
   iconise the window ASAP

[edit] playback

  vncrec -play test.vnc

[edit] Other notes

[edit] rfbproxy

rfbproxy acts as proxy and store the stream.

Convert like this (using an already saved session)

  rfbproxy --export savedrfb.log \
        || ppmtoy4m \
        || yuvscaler -n ntsc -O DVD \
        || mpeg2enc -f 8 -o video.mpg

[edit] x11vnc

  • Debian package exists

run with: x11vnc -viewonly -deferupdate 10 -wait 10 -defer 10 -mouse

This will show mouse on recording, dissallow other people to use your desktop and update every 10ms.

[edit] Recording VNC streams

[edit] libvncserver (& client) vnc2mpg

contains an example application, vnc2mpg, that can stream. But it crashes for me please test this might work..

[edit] wiki:Self:TeleTeaching

  • No debian Package

recording VNC, video and audio putting the together so you can watch it in a java application. Can also dump the images from the slides with time stamps.

[edit] vncrec

  • No debian package, in main

[edit] transcode

  • No Debian package

[edit] vnc2swf

  • No Debian Package
  • non free format

[edit] ffmpeg

Is needed for all conversion to mpeg

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