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These are the notes of ErikJoh.. You might want to read H0lgers at DebConf5VideoMeeting20050609


[edit] our goals are

  • A capture and post compressed videos of the talks with minimum delay, fuss and effort
  • B stream videos live
  • C edit nice per-talk videos
  • D edit a nice video about debconf

The order of priorities: a.) --> b.) --> c.) and d.) as side projet

IMHO b, c and d are completly optional. and i would order them that way: if we managed to setup+test a.) (during debcamp), imho we should work on b.), if we've done that c.) - d.) can be done at home after debconf ;)

[edit] Editing the videos

(C) will take a lot of time and effort during debconf, so much that don't think it'll actually get done because there are more interesting things to be doing ;)

if c.) "only" means adding the slides to the talks i think it could be doable during debconf. if we have two or three machines to simulateasly work on... anyway.

ok -- if we find a way to do it real quick (5 minutes per 1hr video) it'll only take 2hs per day If 8 man-hours of Cinelerra work a day is what it takes, then toresbe can be allocated.

Q: can we publish recorded videos and the recorded slides, and then splice them if we have time.. ppl can start two movieplayer if they want...

A: running two videos at the same time gets out of sync -- and reading slides on a video stream is awful

[edit] Hardware

  • we have laptops with fw
    • Toshiba Satellites recent modells
    • we'll have three of them, dedicated to the video team, from the 1st of june til the last day
  • cameras still 2+3 (see main page)
  • Desktopmachines
    • pegasos2 machines (1ghz g4 ppc) (3?)
    • AMD64 2800+ (toresbe)
      • needs firewirecard
      • needs harddrive
    • a four or dual cpu xeon machine, iirc. lemme check...

[edit] Sound

How do we hook stuff together, we are going to need a bunch of stuff that we can only know about until we get there..

  • Find shops for Audio gear in Helsinki
  • See main page
  • brings one wireless. John, too.
  • toresbe brings a fairly decent directional mic with jack out
  • hrobak_ brings some adapters for audio connectors.

[edit] Software

[edit] Streaming, storing and Flumotion

Flumotion will do (a) capturing to disk realtime all we need is to be able to do a quick edit to isolate every video operators showing a slate will be great

the video files will be rolled every X GB

So we would store theora with flumotion on the servers and dv with flumotion on the laptops ? right ? One full talk is 13GB -- modern laptops will handle -- and we should have a smart shell script pushing the done videos to the server

[edit] Encodings

iirc we wont have unlimited ressources (bandwith, ports) from HUT directly but from a machine located at the student network...

We are talking external bandwidth here, not internal right? Will we be streaming for external ppl?

[edit] FAI

fai gives use the ease of distributing all the needed software easily. It really is easy to use now and fast to setup and maintain now. did you look at ? basically we can install with d-i and then use fai again and again to update the packages/software/configuration. after this weekend i'll post an working example.

[edit] Distributing video

i just said: this topic imho is easy. martinl will get an admin account (see last "global" irc meeting) and can give us edit rights. more details later ;)

Bittorrent will be used.

[edit] People

[edit] Stuff insurance

debconf5 doesnt provide insurance. linuxaktivatori (spelling somewhat similar ;) might provide them. ask fabbe, he just posted a mail regarding this to the list. tell him the hardware you're bringing to debconf - the hw which gets used for debconf (like cams, mics or toresbe amd64), not your personal laptop...

[edit] Arrival

  • h0lger July 1st
  • hrobak July 1st
  • torsebe july 1st
  • martinl July 8th
  • ErikJoh July 10th

[edit] the video people

h01ger, hrobak_, 3 volunteers, emj, john, martin, toresbe

[edit] PPL Requirements

three crews:

  • recording 2 per auditorium
  • editing 2 doing this all time?
  • tech support

2 auditoriums * 2 + 2 editing that's 6 people..

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