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Agenda for the next DebConf5 video meeting, June 9th, 19:00 UTC, on #debconf-team on


  • collect the requirements and what we want, i.e.
    • 2 auditoriums -> 2 streams max. simultaniously
      • plus bofs.
    • from the 9th til the 17th with one day off, thats 14 talks, which means 14 recording and 14 editing jobs
    • good audio
    • slides
    • live-stream or not
  • discuss "the solution" to meet the requirements
  • decide on a plan

<martinl_> (A) capture and post compressed videos of the talks with minimum delay, fuss and effort <martinl_> (B) stream videos live <emj> No one seems to know how to do (B)? <martinl_> (C) edit nice per-talk videos <martinl_> (D) edit a nice video about debconf <h01ger> does everybody agree on the order of priorities ? a.) -> b.) -> c.) and d.) is a different project ?!

  • hardware setup

<h01ger> i think we're thru with hardware: we have 3 laptops, cameras, (mic situation unclear), two big servers (one from toresbe, one (with (two or four?) cpus from intel)) and i will ask for three pegs (to have some extra cpu power to provide streams ?) just in case. (if we dont need them, others can play with them).

  • software
    • distribution (fai)
    • video tools details (codec, distribution (stream,http,bittorent)

flumotion seems to be cool, but: <hrobak_> We should test flumotion ourselves before commiting strongly to it.

three codecs: mpeg1, ogg theora, ogg vorbis

  • volunteers

currently our team consists of 9 members. we have 16 events to capture at least (14 talks plus debianday plus formal dinner). different audio, video, editing crews for each talk would be helpful. as an additional support crew.

  • schedules / shifts

not yet

  • integration of the video+audios on the webside

martinl will get admin rights to the system and instruct us ;-)

  • Insurance of equipment?

ask fabbe - see the debconf5-team list

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