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[edit] This is a organized list of things to be done when setting up the place

  1. decide where to have the check in/info desk/reception

[edit] People

[edit] Friday

  1. mooch or fabian will be at 10 picking up the keys from the TKY
  2. Some people arrive early in the morning on Friday 2005-07-01
  3. Some people can start by renting a truck and getting furniture (READ BELOW)
  4. Many people probably arrive later, after work or travel, at 18?
  5. During the first three days, we will have extra volunteers by nchip.
  6. stockholm will come on the 3rd. he is at a wedding in germany on the 1st and 2nd

[edit] People in charge of tasks

  • Aschwin: Infodesk/reception, packing personalized bags
  • Network: Liiwi and Holger
  • Moving/Getting stuff: Jesus

[edit] Places

  1. the dorm requires most work and is needed from the first day on
  2. Smökki - hacklab
  3. CSD conference rooms (is Debian Day Saturday 2005-07-09 the first day there?)
  4. Rantasauna (only after the daytrip?)

[edit] Computer Infrastructure (~3 volunteers?)

??? when will Intel guy (Anthony Armstrong) set up the APs?

  1. have installation media for power5, native amd64 and i386 ready
  2. consider how much electircal power the servers will consume, check the fuse and get extra 3~ power if necessary
  3. get a table and a chair (A table is available from mooch, available from the recycling centre)
  4. get network into the two basement rooms next to the elevator (wireing/crimping equipment?). User both rooms for servers if heat emissions are too much for one oom. One room with intel box for video editing. NOTE: The rooms have no network, and the doors cannot be locked (everybody has access with their room key, and with the network cables, the rooms might not be able to be even CLOSED!)
  5. put up switches
  6. put up monitors, keybord/mouse/monitor multiplexer, keyboard etc (SMOKKI)
  7. get/receive damicron box
  8. connect damicron box (central infrastructure machine) in the basement and bring it up, configure it. (Can we get this far on Friday?)
  9. plug in the AP network and walk around with notebooks, playing tetrinet, smile silly. NOO!!! first set up wpa and radius before going live with the WiFi network. (THE APS MUST BE SET BY INTEL GUY AND TESTED BY INFRA TEAM) (DO NOT PLUG YOUR OWN AP!!)
  10. get/set up printers (one at the reception, one in smökki) (the printers are delivered to Nokia, mooch's office)

[edit] Conference Infrastructure (~8 volunteers)

  1. get matresses, tables and chairs (in the morning, needs the van or trailer) (from the recycling centre, along with the table from mooch)
  2. check out the room plan to see where the matresses go and put them there
  3. put chairs and tables in the big basement room
  4. get books (mooch has them in the office)
  5. get intel APs (mooch has them in the office)
  6. get Nokia/SPARC servers (mooch has them in the office)
  7. get KVMs and Gb switch for the servers (mooch has them in the office)

[edit] Registration/Infodesk

  1. decide where to put the infodesk/reception (<mooch>': rearrange one of the rooms and use it as storage/reception/serer room. <stockholm>: could be done in the basement)
  2. set database with people and keys (collect 5/10e as deposit returned when leaving and room checked) (the person who picks the keys is responsible for the cleaning of that room/apartment)
  3. get proceedings and posters
  4. print list of participants with attributes that are relevant to the conference bag
  5. print nametags
  6. print food coupons (some are needed already on Friday)
  7. print linspire howto-sign-up or so
  8. print and place signs directing people to the right building(s)
  9. print information page about what to do etc (fabian fagerholm)
  10. print "we want to meet you to reimburse you" papers

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