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Agenda for the next DebConf5 tech meeting, June 20, 17:00 UTC, on #debconf-team on

  • design/settle the network topology. We'll have machines in Smökki, in the dorms (private computers in the sleeping rooms and the video stuff maybe (IIRC this has not been sorted out, whether smökki or dorms)), the CSD (at least lapttops), the students network (and $whereelse ?). Where are what switches and what ip-addresses ?
  • Where are the following servers located: dns/dhcp server, video fileserver, video edit servers, ldap server ? What else do we have ? (I want to put this information as a 2nd layer into Overview otaniemi.jpg)
    • server room at smökki dorms where
    • video server/service room where ?
  • We'll need a hardware list, not only for insurance, but also for dns/dhcp and to (be able to) assign FAI classes to it. The list should cover machine type, assigned use of it, mac address, dns-name and physical location at least.
  • What/how to install these machines ? Plain debian-installer or skolelinux, self build d-i or skolelinux ?
  • During the last weekend I completly investigated how to update/maintain skolelinux systems with FAI. A fai_2.8.4.0.holger.1 package will be available today, a subversion controlled fai configdir project on alioth is ready now. More details on that during the day.
  • integration with COMAS (to store and fetch certs and the like there) - we need at least a way to hand out the "trusted information"
  • integration of the video setup

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