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[edit] Things to buy for DebConf5

  • Toilet paper (54 single rooms, so at least that many rolls).
    big black plastic trash bags (20+ big bags and at least 2 54 smaller ones -> check the bathrooms for the existance of bins and the size of the required plastic bags)
  • sanitary diper trash bags for the girl rooms (as many as there are girls)
  • duct tape (to stck trash bags to the wall)
  • medium cheap vacuum cleaner and fitting dust bags
  • 2 cleaning kids consisting of mop, bucket, cleaner, broom, dustpan and brush
  • Koffee. lots of koffee!
  • conference bags. should be somewhat good looking. paper prefered. in case of emergency just take normal paper bags from supermarket

Please don't just add stuff to this list without telling the people in charge of the budget ( about it. We dont want to go br0ke!

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